CONQuest 2023 – Anticipation and Reflection

Written by TheMartinV

3 May 2023

CONQuest 2023 is only one month away and all of us are in anticipation to be part of 2023’s biggest gaming and pop culture “getaway”.


The Anticipation Is Legit!



A lot of the big names arecoming to CONQuest 2023 and the list keeps getting bigger.



We got new names for CONQuest 2023 from the Gank side of things. The streaming platform that features cosplayers, streamers and even pro wrestling (MWF) will be there on June 2-4 at SMX and in Conrad for the CONQuest 2023 Festival.






Music Night



As seen below, CONQuest Music night is starting to take shape. On Friday we got a Rave night and on Saturday is the Band Night. Two types of music events to choose from only found at CONQuest 2023.




Quite a Riot!




Just announced this week, CONQuest 2023 will have Riot Games as a platinum sponsor. We have seen how amazing the booth was at last year’s ESGS so there’s no telling what Riot has in store for us come June.


Another thing I wish to highlight is the possible ‘hauls’ i can make this year. Last year I felt like I spent too much but I’m fearing with this year, may be spending a bit more.


last year’s haul



But before we talk about the future, I wish to step back and talk about last year’s festival.



CONQuest 2022 Flashback + Reflection




It was late July 2022 where I finally attended a convention in Manila after so long (ESGS 2019) that I forgot how it felt like to be alive in these events. I have CONQuest 2022 to thank for reminding me of this amazing energy.



W/ Christian Banas (Thoma)



w/ Anne Yatco (Raiden Shogun/Ei) and Ratana (Yae Miko)


It was last year’s event that I finally got to meet some friends I haven’t seen since the pandemic and meet my favorite Genshin Impact voice actors/actresses in the flesh. Safe to say I accomplished both at CONQuest 2022.


I was so thankful for my CONQuest 2022 as it really helped lift my spirits up and I am hoping for the same this year.


That said, I’m so ready for CONQuest 2023. I’ll see you and the rest of the crew….in the skies!



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