Sakura Index is a passion project. And with that, we don’t necessarily earn any revenue on the site, and most of the money we earn goes to paying hosting (web and database servers, CDN, email servers, etc), purchases (Domain costs, renewals, etc), and/or snacks while working on projects. Also, despite our collaboration with under the banner of Media-Index, keeping our costs separate is the ideal and should keep us floating and alive.

Though we do things out of love and for sharing our hobbies to the outside world, the reality of it is that operating a site like this is going to cost more than just love and fighting spirit :p

Initially, I wasn’t planning on opening a donation page for the site, since in the long run I was thinking of opening a “paid downloads” store. However, a good heart who commented on our [About Page] asked for a donate button, and I figured, “yeah, why not?”

For Donors: You can send us money, in any amount, by clicking on the button below:

By donating to us, you will greatly help in our operating the site, and maybe, create more and meaningful content for you.

Thank you for your continued support!