[Chrome Theme] Mirai Suenaga Version 2

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Mirai Suenaga Chrome Theme Version 2

Mirai Suenaga Chrome Theme Version 2

Somehow I forgot to post this one on the site D:

Anyway, made an update to the theme, and this time around it’s an improvement to the UI and code overall.

Changes in this version:

  • Added BG Elements
  • Added Frame Texture
  • Added additional descriptive text at attribution block
  • Added app icons for install, and extensions management at the backend
  • Improved and changed a bit of the manifest file in the theme package

I didn’t change anything about the illustration and some of the colour palettes, but I think I’ll be looking into changing them into subtle colours later on after a bit of prototyping and feedback. XD

You can download and install the theme at the Chrome Webstore.




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