I’ve been really busy with a lot of stuff in the past few days. so much I couldn’t get off an update here in the blog =_= With that I’m cheating my way out with a wallpaper release lol.

Anyway, I’ve come across some old PSD files I’ve had since 2009. A lot of them are somewhat good, so I‘ve edited them a bit. And below is the result.

It’s a wallpaper of Hinagiku Katsura, of Hayate no Gotoku.



Images, taken from a lot of sources (Google, etc.) The image on the right vectored by me (yep, it isn’t cleaned properly, but oh well).

It’s made in 1440 x 800 px resolution, since that was the resolution of my laptop’s screen when I did that.

If you want it, hit the image (with your mouse) to see the full version.



Steins;Gate Ep10,11,12,13
Atelier Series Official Chronicle


Ohooo, what do you think?

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