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October 19, 2023 – SEGA has released new battle gear artwork and combat details for the protagonist, Yukari Takeba, and Junpei Iori in Persona 3 Reload, an upcoming RPG from ATLUS.

Find out more about Stats, the Dorms, and Social Link characters. This game is set to release on February 2, 2024, on Xbox Game Pass, Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One, Windows, PlayStation®4, PlayStation®5, and Steam.


■ New Combat Outfits Revealed! Head Into Battle With an All-new Look!


In Persona 3 Reload, members of the Specialized Extracurricular Execution Squad (SEES) don new a wardrobe as they take on Tartarus. Take a look at the new art for the protagonists, Yukari Takeba, and Junpei Iori, and learn how they fight.


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Protagonist (voiced by Akira Ishida)
Weapon: One-handed sword
First Persona: Orpheus
Theurgy: Cadenza, Best Friend, Other

One-handed swords are his preferred weapon of choice, and Orpheus is his first Persona. As holder of the wild card, he is the only person capable of using multiple Persona and Theurgy.


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・The protagonist’s first Persona, Orpheus

A heroic poet who appears in Greek mythology and is known as a master of the harp.



Yukari Takeba (voiced by Megumi Toyoguchi)
Weapon: Bow
Persona: Io
Specialties: Wind, Healing
Theurgy: Cyclone Arrow

As a long-standing member of the archery team, Yukari relies on her bow in battle. Her Persona is Io.

She specializes in Wind attacks and Healing skills and her Theurgy—Cyclone Arrow—deals severe Wind damage to one enemy while ignoring its Wind resistance.



・Yukari’s Persona, Io

A priestess who served Hera in Greek mythology and is said to have received Zeus’s affection.



Junpei Iori (voiced by Kosuke Toriumi)
Weapon: Two-handed sword
Persona: Hermes
Specialties: Fire, Slashing
Theurgy: Burst Swing

Junpei arms himself with a two-handed sword and uses it to a devastating effect. His Persona is Hermes.

He specializes in Fire and Slashing attacks, and his Theurgy—Burst Swing—deals severe Slashing damage to one enemy while ignoring its Fire resistance.



・Junpei’s Persona, Hermes

A god who acts as Zeus’s messenger in Greek mythology. He is worshipped by travelers and merchants.


■ Develop your abilities as you go about your day!


・ Stats



To find success in your day-to-day, you will need to maximize your Stats—Academics, Charm, and Courage.

You can improve your Stats by studying or working a job. If your Stats aren’t high enough, you won’t have access to certain places or be able to rank up your Social Links further, so try your best to improve them.


・ Dorm Life


Improve Your Stats While Enjoying Student Life:



Hang out with your friends while making the most of everything the dorm has to offer. There are various things you can do, from cooking and studying to reading and watching DVDs, and even gardening on the roof.

You can improve your Stats by spending time with your friends, and they can even acquire Characteristics—passive skills that can help you out in battle. You’ll also get to glimpse another side of your friends!


Features That Help in Battle and Exploration:


Dorm PC



The dorm lounge has a computer that can be used for studying or collecting intel. You can use it to raise your Stats or acquire useful skills for battle and exploring.


Gaining Characteristics



Friends who you’ve spent time within the dorms can learn special skills called Characteristics. These can be a ton of help in battle—some can increase critical hit rates or decrease the SP cost of healing skills. Try to make time for your friends!


・ Characters You Can Meet at Gekkoukan High


As a student of Gekkoukan High and a member of SEES, you can meet a variety of people at school.

The bonds you form with the individuals you cross paths with are called Social Links, and as you raise your Social Link Rank with them, you’ll be able to unlock special events. The students at Gekkoukan High are typically free to socialize after school, and communication with them is tied to strengthening your Persona.

In Persona 3 Reload, the art for Social Link characters has been completely redone and their event scenes are now fully voiced.


Classmate: Kenji Tomochika (voiced by Wataru Hatano)



A junior at Gekkoukan High.

A good-natured classmate who quickly sparks an interest in the newly transferred protagonist, brazenly declaring himself his friend. Kenji is especially close to Junpei. He has a thing for older girls and is constantly asking the protagonist for love advice.


Gourmet King: Nozomi Suemitsu (voiced by Fukushi Ochiai)



A senior at Gekkoukan High who is also known as the Gourmet King because he has sampled the dishes of every restaurant in the Minato ward, including their secret menus.

After the protagonist saves Nozomi from a dispute, he is appointed the Gourmet King’s personal guard.


Track Team Member: Kazushi Miyamoto (voiced by Eiji Miyashita)



A junior at Gekkoukan High.

A classmate of the protagonist and a member of the track team. Kazushi’s tenacity and grit has helped him earn an impressive track
record as the ace of the track team. He sees the protagonist as a rival who can push him to his limits.


Track Team Manager: Yuko Nishiwaki (voiced by Emiri Kato)



A junior at Gekkoukan High.
The manager of the track team.

A caring person, Yuko looks after the protagonist since he’s the newest member of the track team. She’s also a childhood friend of Kazushi Miyamoto and calls him Kaz.


Student Council Vice President: Hidetoshi Odagiri (voiced by Masaya Matsukaze)



A junior at Gekkoukan High and the vice president of the student council. As head of the disciplinary committee, his hard-line rule-setting hasn’t won him any fans with the student body.

The protagonist earns his respect after being personally recommended to the student council by Mitsuru.


Student Council Treasurer: Chihiro Fushimi (voiced by Aya Endo)



A freshman at Gekkoukan High and the treasurer of the student council. As someone who has a hard time saying no, often some of the worst chores fall to her. Chihiro is aware that she has trouble socializing with boys and is determined to change that.


Art Club President: Keisuke Hiraga (voiced by Yuuichi Iguchi)


A senior at Gekkoukan High and the president of the art club. Everyone around Keisuke assumes he’ll follow in the footsteps of his
father and become a doctor, but in reality he is torn between pursuing a medical degree and studying abroad to further his passion in the arts. Keisuke meets the protagonist when he first visits the art club.


Fashion Club Member: Bebe (voiced by Mitsuhiro Ichiki)



His real name is Andre Laurent Jean Geraux. An exchange student from France who is deeply enamored with Japanese culture—from kimono to period dramas and Japanese gardens. He invites the protagonist to join his fashion club.

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