Sakura Index to Sub Sonico Magica

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With the annoucement of Nitroplus to create a spinoff anime Puella Magi Sonico Magica this season, we’re taking on the task of finally venturing into the fansub business starting with this anime. We have a lineup of staff to do the work, and most probably distribute the episodes via torrent or DDL. DDL is a good option with the arrival of our new VPS, in which we aptly named Homura. Open-mouthed smile

Anyway, here is the opening video of the anime.



Sonico Magica–Subbed by Sakura Index

And of course, credits!

Encoder who wasn’t able to encode with a busted PC: Althaea

Translator: The guys at Puella Magi Wiki

Typesetter, Karaoke, Timer and Everything else: Crosse

Back2Gaming, for bringing us the RAW of the video file.


Till the next episode!



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