Directed by Emerging Japanese Anime Creator Hiroyasu Ishida Theme Song by Techno-­‐Pop Trio, “Perfume”

-­‐Spanish, French and Chinese subtitles are available-­‐

TOKYO-YKK Corporation (Headquarters: Tokyo Chiyoda-ku Kanda Izumi-cho 1, “YKK”)has created a short animation titled“FASTENING DAYS”in an effort to enhance the recognition of the YKK® brand and YKK® fastening products.

The YKK Group produces YKK® brand fastening products and YKK AP® brand architectural products,and it currently operates in 71 countries/regions of the world including North, Central and South America, as well as Europe, the Middle East, Africa,China, Asia and Japan

Since our establishment eighty years ago, we have been providing the world with quality products that fasten things together

Our line of fastening products ranges from sliders, fiber and plastic products,to snaps and buttons.

YKK carries out thorough quality control under a fully integrated manufacturing system in order to deliver our products to the world.


The short animation,“FASTENING DAYS,” was created around the theme “fastening”in order to convey YKK’s brand message, “Little Parts. Big Difference” to the world.

The story takes place in a near future cosmopolitan city where people from many different countries live together

The main characters,Yoji and Kei,who help others with their handmade hi-tech machines,represent the message that small parts like zippers can “bring together” or “connect” things and be used to bridge differences and lead to a future full of possibilities

The song, “Hurly Burly,” released by Japanese pop group, Perfume, who made their US debut in September2014, is the theme song of animation.

Perfume has concluded their world tour, “Perfume WORLD TOUR 3rd” in New York City on Saturday, November 15, 2014

When making this short animated film, YKK gathered together internationally known talent, including Hiroyasu Ishida from Studio Colorido, as the animation director

Ishida was awarded the Prize of Excellence in the Animation Category at the 14th Japan Media Arts Festival and a special mention at the Ottawa International Animation Festival for “Fumiko’s Confession,” which he released as a student in 2009

Conveying YKK Fastening’s slogan,“Little Parts. Big Difference” to the world, YKK’s Animation “FASTENING DAYS” Now Playing Worldwide Directed by Emerging Japanese Anime Creator Hiroyasu Ishida Theme Song by Techno-Pop Trio, “Perfume”-Spanish, French and Chinese subtitles are available-2“FASTENING DAYS” was released on YKK’sofficial YouTube channel(http://www.youtubecom/user/YKKfastening), Youku Channel( and on its website (

It is available in Japanese, English, Spanish, French, and Chinese

It was released globally and will be used within commercials on YouTube in each country and region


Movie Infobox
【Short Animation ”FASTENINGDAYS”】Title:FASTENING DAYS Official Website: Director:Hiroyasu Ishida (“Fumiko’s Confession” “Hinata no Aosigure”)Production:Studio Colorido ( Original Idea, screen play:Junichi Tanaka Music:Yoshinori Sunahara Theme music:“Hurly Burly” by Perfume Countries Released:Worldwide The characters’ voices are available in Japanese and English and subtitled versions are available in Spanish, French, simplified Chinese, and traditional Chinese

Cast:Yoji:Fuyuka Oura /Kei:Ryoko Shiraishi /Anna:Sayuri Sadaoka (Japanese version)Yoji:Danny Price/ Kei:Lexie Sibley/ Anna:Donna Burke (English version)

Story Synopsis:Yoji and Kei live in a certain city in the near futurewith their foster mother,Anna

Yoji and Keisharea secret which they have hidden from Anna: They have a secret mission as guardians of their city.

What are Yoji and Kei trying to protect with their bear-like partner robot,Oscar? Could these very young “heroes” overcome the approaching danger? Please enjoy our high speed sci-fi animation!







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