Tokyo Dub Agent Company, Ltd. (CEO: Kazuyoshi Takagi, hereinafter “TDA”) is pleased to announce the global release of ukiyo-e woodblock prints featuring the timeless masterpiece Cowboy Bebop. This product will be available on AKIHABARA PREMIUM COLLECTION, an EC platform known for bringing together Akihabara’s otaku culture and the Japanese passion for craftsmanship, from 12:00 (JST) on March 16, 2024.





Cowboy Bebop ukiyo-e woodblock print series promotional video



■Our feelings toward the iconic Japanese science fiction masterpiece, which celebrated its 25th anniversary in 2023


Cowboy Bebop, produced by Sunrise in 1998, is a stylish, hard-boiled science fiction anime known for its sophisticated dialogue, captivating characters, and excellent musical sense. Even now, more than 25 years since its debut, it continues to receive high praise not only in Japan but also worldwide as a masterpiece of the science fiction genre.


In presenting this iconic work, a source of Japanese pride worldwide, as ukiyo-e, an equally esteemed traditional Japanese craft, we thought deeply about how to express it. After numerous production meetings, and a full year dedicated to planning and production, we are delighted to present this exquisite work to you.


■Regarding the creation of ukiyo-e woodblock prints


Ukiyo-e stands as a representative traditional craft of Japan. However, the entire industry is on the brink of crisis, with the number of artisans who continue to pass down this traditional technique from the Edo period shrinking to a few dozen across the country.

Despite efforts to train the younger generation, the reality is that daily production, including raw materials, is decreasing, leading to a decline in the overall number of artisans.


In collaboration with the artisans (painters, engravers, and printers) who continue to pass down these traditional woodblock printing techniques, our goal is to introduce the beauty of ukiyo-e to people worldwide from a fresh perspective by combining traditional craftsmanship with Cowboy Bebop. In doing so, we hope to contribute to the preservation and development of this esteemed Japanese culture.


We aspire to deliver to you the essence of traditional Japanese craftsmanship.


■Key features of this work


・Turning the most representative main visual into ukiyo-e


In our ambitious endeavor to preserve Cowboy Bebop as an ukiyo-e woodblock print for future generations, we selected this main visual because we believe it is a fantastic design that encapsulates the world of the anime.


We hope you will enjoy this key visual, which is brought to life once again through a fusion with traditional techniques that have been used since the Edo Period.




・Special attention paid to the mat area around the visual



The mat portion of the artwork features the subtitles from each episode of the television series. Given that it is Cowboy Bebop, it is essential to capture the essence of old-school chic. The subtitles include musical elements, aligning with the concept of “space jazz” rather than the traditional “space opera,” which we regard as a key characteristic of this work.

■Artisan introductions




Engraver: Shoichi Kitamura

Born in 1968 in Kyoto

Graduated from the Printmaking Course at Kyoto Seika University, Faculty of Art, Department of Fine Arts

Studied woodblock printmaking under Tomikichiro Tokuriki at the publisher Matsukyu

Studied woodblock printmaking under Akira Kurosaki

Studied engraving under Osamu Hotta at the publisher Kaneido

Established Kitamura Woodblock Studio and has been holding workshops ever since

Collaborated with local artist Brook Andrew in Melbourne, Australia

Participated as an engraving instructor at MI-LAB Artist-in-Residence

Conducted workshops at Whitman College, Walla Walla, Washington


*In addition to the above, he has performed numerous other demonstrations and workshops at exhibitions and events in Japan and around the world.





Member of Kyoto Woodblock Printing Craft Association

Vice President, Kyoto Branch, Association for Preserving the Technical Skills of Carving and Printing Ukiyo-e Woodblock Prints








Printer: Makoto Nakayama

Born in 1958 in Kumamoto Prefecture, Kyushu

Graduated from the Oil Painting Course at Kyoto Seika University, Faculty of Art, Department of Fine Arts

Apprenticed at Sato Woodblock Studio and studied woodblock printmaking under Keizo Sato

Conducted demonstrations of ukiyo-e printing at Kyoto Seika University

Exhibited at the 1st Ukiyo-e Woodblock Print Exhibition (Tokyo and Kyoto)

Exhibited at the 2nd Ukiyo-e Woodblock Print Exhibition (Tokyo and Kyoto)

Participated in the International Printmaking Conference “Impact” (Finland), assisted with demonstration by Keizo Sato

Exhibited at the 3rd Ukiyo-e Woodblock Print Exhibition (Tokyo and Kyoto)

Participated in the 1st International Woodblock Print Conference, presented a joint thesis with Shoichi Kitamura (engraver)

Received the Kyoto Prefecture Traditional Industry Outstanding Skills Award


*In addition to the above, he has performed numerous other demonstrations and workshops at exhibitions and events in Japan and around the world.





Vice Director & Current President, Kyoto Branch, Association for Preserving the Technical Skills of Carving and Printing Ukiyo-e Woodblock Prints

Director, Kyoto Woodblock Craft Association








Cowboy Bebop Ukiyo-e Woodblock Prints


Price: 60,000 yen + tax and shipping fees

Quantity: Limited to 300 copies worldwide

Frame box & ukiyo-e woodblock print certificate included


Dimensions:          Picture (W: approx. 240 mm × H: approx. 360 mm)

Frame (W: approx. 437 mm × H: approx. 553mm × D: approx. 21 mm)

Frame:                   Wood, plywood back frame

Mat:                       Paper

Washi:                   Echizen Kizuki Hosho by Living National Treasure Ichibei Iwano

Engraver:              Shoichi Kitamura

Printer:                   Makoto Nakayama




The artwork is delivered in an original ukiyo-e pattern frame box.

It comes with a certificate attesting that it was produced using traditional Ukiyo-e woodblock print techniques.






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