ASMR audio series NECOGURASHI’s Sixth Heroine to Be Voiced By Minami Tsuda!

Written by Ren

24 July 2020

The ASMR audio series NECOGURASHI, which launched on June 15, has been gaining popularity and already boasts over 30,000 downloads. The heroines so far have been Sumire Uesaka as Calico Cat (eps 1), Ayana Taketatsu as White Cat (eps 2), Rikako Aida as Black Cat (eps 3), Ai Kayano as Siamese Cat (eps 4), and Kanako Takatsuki as Bengal Cat (eps 5). The heroine of the upcoming episode 6 will be Minami Tsuda as Persian Cat.

Necogurashi’s 6th episode cover.

Necogurashi’s 6th episode cover.

What is ASMR

ASMR (autonomous sensory meridian response) is a relaxing, often sedative sensation that begins on the scalp and moves down the body. It is most commonly triggered by auditory or visual stimuli. Recently, this phenomenon has been gaining popularity, and many ASMR-related sounds and videos have been posted to social media platforms such as YouTube and Instagram.

The Setting of NECOGURASHI

NECOGURASHI takes place at Nekomeikan, an inn located on a world between worlds, and features several unique cat girls. The cat girl who wins the favor of The Chosen One (the listener) will be selected as shrine maiden and allowed to reincarnate on Earth.

Cat Girl Introduction

Persian Cat, voiced by Minami Tsuda

Persian Cat, voiced by Minami Tsuda

Persian Cat (Minami Tsuda) is a fluffy princess cat. She has lived overseas for a long time, so she sometimes struggles to express herself in Japanese. However, she is extremely devoted. Perhaps worryingly so. When Persian Cat says, “I’m very good at massage, you know? Tonight, I’m going to enjoy watching your sleeping face…♪” you’re getting some rest & relaxation whether you’re looking for it or not!

Persian Cat CV Minami Tsuda

Persian Cat CV Minami Tsuda

Approximately two hours in length, this episode combines an audio story with pleasant ASMR sounds such as ear cleaning, a cream hand massage, and an oil body massage.

Character design was done by the illustrator booota and sound production by CANDY VOICE.

NECOGURASHI will have seven episodes in total, with the final episode scheduled to launch next week. Please wait for our announcement on the final cat and voice actress!

Check out the new episode of NECOGURASHI on the website!



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