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Customize. Anime.

Sakura Index: Customize. Anime. is a group of writers, developers and designers who love anime, manga, novels and culture from the land of the rising sun. Our passion is in creative content that tries to be unique in a way that pushes the boundaries of what we can do. Our plethora of articles, wallpapers, icons and themes are here to offer something new and fresh for your desktop!

In Sakura Index we believe that Anime is more than just a hobby: it is a passion and a lifestyle that you bring with you everywhere you go. In this angle our site tries to provide you with an experience that you can carry with you from work to play.


About the Mascot

Introducing our Site Mascot! Here is Sakura Izumi, who will be the site’s character and representative. You’ll be seeing her in other pages, such as the Welcome Page, Search and the 404 page. She’ll be around guiding you, too, on our future updates on the vocabulary series.

We created her by using the Character Creator by KH Mix. It’s a free utility, so go check it out! We’re also looking to actually drawing the character, but my drawing skills are pretty rusty as of late ^^;

Recently, Kadacho-sensei, an artist from DeviantArt, gave us her rendition of Sakura Izumi:

Sakura Index' site mascot Sakura Izumi. Illustrated by Kadacho.

Sakura Izumi by Kadacho. THE MOENESS COMPELS YOU!

We’re still thinking on what her basic information will be, so if you’ve got a suggestion just ping us here 😀


Contact Information

You can contact us by emailing inquiries@sakuraindex.jp, or by heading to our Facebook Fanpage. Or you can ping Alex (crosse) in Twitter.

  1. Canyon

    Heya Joey, just wanted to say I ralely enjoyed looking through your art. ^^ I’ve just been trying to pull inspiration from others around me and try to get back into drawing again. I like the idea of revisiting old artwork and experimenting with it think that’s what I’ll try to do right now, haha.

  2. Komicer (@collateralds)

    Why not get us to redraw your mascot proper? Pretty sure we can make it darn good for your site.

    • Crosse

      Whoa, wow 😀 That would be awesome XD In return, we could make a Chrome Theme for your mascot (or any character) if you like XD

  3. LoveHonoka-san

    Hope you guys will make a Honoka (LoveLive) ver. of Chrome Theme…
    I love Honoka very much 🙂 !!!

    Keep Going guys~~ All The Best ^^

    • Crosse

      It’s in the plans, but IDK yet if it’s up next :p


  4. guest

    Hiya. Love your icon sets, thank you so much for keeping them up to date.
    anyway, do you guys have a PayPal donate link? would love to throw some money your way for all your hard work. thanks!

    • Crosse

      Hi Guest!

      Thanks for your message. Initially we’ve been planning in selling some of our downloads for operating costs, but yep, a donation page would be nice ^^;

      Here’s the donation page: http://www.sakuraindex.jp/donate-sakura-index/

      Thank you very much!

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