Betting Big in Japan: Let’s Talk Pachinko, SegaSammy and Gainax

In addition to its core gameplay, pachinko also shares another detail with its western slot machine brothers, and that is the amount of licensed material used to attract players.

Many pachinko parlours partner with animation companies to rake in players. Gainax and Sega Sammy Holdings are just some examples of companies offering their various IP’s to the industry with the goal of increasing their market reach.

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19 November 2013 | by

Unofficial: Medaka Box Second Season Green-lit

It seems that a sequel to the ongoing Gainax anime adaptation of Nisio Isin’s shounen manga, Medaka Box (めだかボックス) has been confirmed via a tweet from cyan3. The source seems to be outdated (tweeted September last year), but it mentioned the series having two installments, the first being sometime in April 2012 and the second…

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20 June 2012 | by

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