July 7, 2023 – The stage is set. Pharaoh Merneptah’s final ruling years are upon us, and the eyes of the Egyptian people look to their prospective leaders to steer this great nation through the calamity of the Bronze Age Collapse. Will you choose a leader who rules with an iron first, one that encourages diplomacy and unity, or one whose cunning allows them to strike with unpredictability?

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Ascend to the Throne with Four Unique Historical Leaders


The Egyptian bloodline runs rich with worthy claimants to the throne of Egypt, with each of these generals providing unique gameplay experiences and playstyles that will make conquering land from the Saharan Desert to the banks of the Nile a worthy cause.

Seti knows but one language and that is war. He is the rightful heir to the throne of Egypt and his playstyle is geared almost entirely towards aggressive expansionism. Using large numbers of expendable troops, he hopes to overwhelm the enemy before his exceptional light and medium infantry deal a decisive blow.

Tausret is the wife of Seti, but she harbors imperial ambitions of her own. A methodical genius, she constructs elaborate economic plans to grow her empire and overcome her foes. Using her vast resource network, she builds powerful chariot-focused armies to crush her enemies.

Amenmesse is the Viceroy of Kush and understands that true power over man isn’t through loyalty, but money. Using his vast resources, he can either buy strength or barter for it at the diplomacy table. With his mighty Kushite archers in tow, he aims to blot out the sun with a hail of arrows.

Ramesses is the pretender to the throne and hopes to emulate the deeds of his namesake, the great Ramesses II. Young and ambitious, his armies are comprised of elite warriors that are few in count but expertly balanced.


Harness the Power of the Egyptian War Machine


The Egyptians are the masters of the desert and prioritize surgical strike warfare to hit their enemies hard and fast with the hope of causing discontent amongst their ranks. Their strength comes from their speed and maneuverability, especially across the vast oceans of sand that make up the Pharaoh’s domain. As a result, they predominantly field lightly armored forces with the occasional use of medium armour to counter the enemy, with swift-moving infantry and light but deadly chariots making up the core of their army.


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