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March 7, 2024 – SEGA has shared new details on Unicorn Overlord, the new SRPG from ATLUS and VANILLAWARE. Learn more about meeting new allies, visiting the coliseum, creating your Heraldry, and customizing your colors!

Unicorn Overlord, the all-new tactical RPG game from ATLUS and VANILLAWARE is scheduled to release on March 8, 2024, for PlayStation® 4, PlayStation® 5, Nintendo Switch™, and Xbox Series X|S.


Fight Alongside Unique Characters


Adel (voiced by Nobuhiko Okamoto)


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“It’s been a while, Clive. Good to see you’re just as proud and noble as I remember you.”

A knight of the Ashen Blue who fought valiantly beside Clive to halt Zenoira’s invasion – but fell in the end. After their defeat, he devoted himself to ensuring the people of his province remained safe.


Rolf (voiced by Shunsuke Takeuchi)


Unicorn Overlord New Details - 03

“It’s as you say: I am Rolf, captain of the Cornian militia. What militia we have, at least.”

A bowman who started a militia in western Cornia in order to resist Zenoiran rule. He bears a keen eye for hunting prey and the skill to hit his mark.


Ochlys (voiced by Ikumi Hasegawa)


Unicorn Overlord New Details - 04

“Ungodly fools who defy the Father. Stand and be judged by the light of His will!”

An angel of the Palevian Orthodoxy and its Heavenswing Knights. Both noble and compassionate, she is on friendly terms with the humankind. She seeks the Divine Shards under orders from the pontifex.


Sharon (voiced by Ayumi Mano)


Unicorn Overlord New Details - 05

“Such a benevolent show of trust will not go unmet. You have it on my word as a servant to the Almighty.”

A cleric of the Palevian Orthodoxy and nurse at Rondmort Church. She is devout and amiable, which endears her to humans and angels alike—her friend Ochlys most of all.


Fran (voiced by Aya Suzaki)


Unicorn Overlord New Details - 06

“That vow, that spirit stands unchanged even now.”

A member of the Knights of the Rose, who serve as Princess Virginia’s protectors. Gifted with a keen eye, she excels at conducting mounted reconnaissance missions on her gryphon.


Amalia (voiced by Riho Sugiyama)


Unicorn Overlord New Details - 07

“Beat me in a fight, and I’m all yours.”

A fierce warrior with an immense frame and one eye, she is blessed not only with innate skill, but the might to wield a gigantic sword. She shows up at Drakenhold’s Coliseum, looking to brawl.




Lhinalagos (voiced by Shun Horie)


Unicorn Overlord New Details - 08

“Your blood will soak the ground just as theirs did…”

The commander of Elheim’s resistance army, he was separated from his liege Rosalinde when Laurhal fell. He now defiantly stands opposed to Zenoira’s forces, seeking to end their ceaseless brutality.


Fodoquia (voiced by Kentaro Ito)


Unicorn Overlord New Details - 09

“When next your gauntlets rap at our gates, you’ll find neither mercy nor hesitation. Now begone.”

A member of the Heavenswing Knights and lord of the Walled City of Peyston. He held firm in resisting Zenoira to protect his people, but eventually had no choice but to surrender to their rule.




• Coliseum for online and offline battles


In both online and offline battles, challenge and defeat powerful combatants in order to earn coliseum coins. Coliseum coins can be exchanged for valuable items by selecting Prize Exchange from the coliseum menu.


Offline Battles


Seize victory against fierce opponents from all corners of Fevrith in this gameplay mode!


Unicorn Overlord New Details - 10


Challenge powerful combatants in hopes of reaching Amalia, the champion of the coliseum—will you be able to best her in combat?


Unicorn Overlord New Details - 11


Online Battles


Face off against the battle-tested units of players from all over the world. Assemble the ultimate unit and devise unique strategies to top the leaderboards.


Coliseum Defense Settings



Choose which of your units appear in online battles and personalize your Icon and Battle Cry. Feel free to experiment with your settings, as your defending unit’s battle results will not impact your ranking.


• Customize your Heraldry



Design your own Heraldry by choosing its various parts: the Compartment, Shield, Coat of Arms, Helmet, Crown, Supporters, and Scroll.

Your Heraldry will appear on the Unit Information screen and the outfits of certain characters, and can also be shown off in online battle. You’ll unlock more designs as you complete the quests.



Pre-Order Now and Get The ATLUS x VANILLAWARE Heraldry Pack



Players who have pre-ordered the game can customize their army’s banner with coats of arms based on Odin Sphere, Dragon’s Crown, and 13 Sentinels: Aegis Rim!*Contents and specifications are subject to change without notice.

*Images shown are for illustrative purposes only.
*To redeem the download code, your console must be connected to the internet and able to access the online shop.
*The download code has an expiration date and can only be used once. (Valid until March 7, 2027 11:59 PM)
*This DLC will be included only in the first run of the physical Standard and Collector’s Editions. Please note that future runs
will not include this preorder bonus.
*The digital version of the game will come with this bonus only if downloaded by 11:59 PM on March 7, 2024.
*To redeem the bonus, you will need to update to the latest version of the game.
*The bonus may be discontinued without prior notice.


Swap out characters’ color palettes!


Use the Idealist’s Handmirror to give your characters a splash of color! You can swap out the colors of characters in your army, including Alain and Scarlett, as you please. You can also change their growth type using this feature.



Color changes will be visible in cutscenes and in the coliseum.



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