Quezon City, Philippines – The Collegiate Center for Esports is proud to announce the launch of the Next Gen Program, a visionary initiative designed to nurture and develop the next wave of professionals in the gaming industry. This will be a part of CCE’s upcoming season of the Philippine Collegiate Championship.


As the gaming sector continues to grow, the Next Gen Program stands as a beacon for students poised to enter the professional world, offering guidance and experiential learning. The program is a cornerstone of the Collegiate Center for Esports’ commitment to fostering talent and innovation. CCE Chief Executive Officer Stanley Lao stated, “The Next Gen Program is more than just a tour; it’s an experience that equips our aspiring young professionals with the knowledge and skills required to kickstart their journey in the gaming industry. We are not just training the next generation; we are inspiring them to redefine the industry.”


What is the Next Gen Program

The Next Gen Program seeks out aspiring talents to shape them into the gaming industry’s future luminaries. Selected protégés will embark on a special 7-day educational tour in Tokyo, Japan, delving into the heart of the gaming industry. The journey includes a crash course on the esports ecosystem, visits to premier esports arenas and gaming studios, and attending one of the biggest gaming conventions, Tokyo Game Show. Several institutions and firms, such as LunaTone Inc. will be partnering with the program to provide support for academic activities.


Selecting the Proteges

Candidates will engage in a unique campaign where they can vie for this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. The selection process involves mentor-led programs and challenges at the Esports Academy, culminating in a creative campaign crafted by the applicants themselves. The mentors will evaluate these campaigns to determine the winners.


The Adventure Begins

The 7-day tour in Japan offers participants a rare glimpse into the inner workings of the esports and gaming ecosystem. Highlights include a tour of Temple University where they can also meet the esports varsity team, as well as visits to popular gaming centers and development studios. The tour’s climax is of course the Tokyo Game Show, where participants will get their hands on demos of upcoming gaming titles and hardware.


The Next Gen Program is one of the initiative programs by the Collegiate Center for Esports, set to commence later this year, aligning with the Philippine Collegiate Championship’s upcoming Campus Roadshow and Esports Academy.


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About the Philippine Collegiate Championship

Organized by the Collegiate Center for Esports since 2023, the Philippine Collegiate Championship serves as an esports platform for universities in the country. PCC offers an avenue for students to delve into and refine their enthusiasm and capabilities within the gaming and esports sector. The platform will include student activities such as tournaments and workshops to provide a comprehensive 360-degree immersive education.



About the Collegiate Center for Esports

Started in 2019, the Collegiate Center for Esports is the premiere collegiate esports league in the Philippines. Recognized by CHED as a legitimate esports student tournament organizer, CCE continues to provide students with a platform to spearhead their esports careers and refine their capabilities through different student platforms.



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