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April 15, 2024 – SEGA has released additional information about the new gameplay features appearing in Shin Megami Tensei V: Vengeance, which is slated for release on June 14, 2024 for Nintendo Switch, PlayStation®4, PlayStation®5, Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One, Steam, and Windows. Explore Da’at Shinjuku, a new region appearing in the Canon of Vengeance, and pick up new tips to navigate Da’at!


Da’at Shinjuku


The story unfolds in real-world Tokyo and Da’at, a vast, decimated Tokyo where demons reign supreme, ruthlessly attacking anyone that dares oppose them.

Explore a variety of areas, including ruined buildings, dunes, and mysterious structures. Each area varies in size, demons, and obstacles.

In the Canon of Vengeance, you’ll be able to visit the new Shinjuku area.


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Demons of all shapes and sizes roam the vast reaches of Da’at, ready to stop you in your tracks.


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The colossal tree-like landmarks scattered throughout Da’at Shinjuku exude a sacred ambiance.


Navigate Through a Vast Overworld


Danger and treasures lurk around every corner of Da’at. Here are some features that’ll help you on your journey—including some brand-new ones!


・Magatsuhi Crystals


Collecting the crystals around Da’at provides special benefits! Green Magatsuhi Crystals replenish your HP, Yellow Magatsuhi Crystals recover your MP, and Red Magatsuhi Crystals raise your Magatsuhi gauge.


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・Magatsu Rails


Throughout your journey, you’ll encounter paths made of Magatsuhi that connect two areas of Da’at together. Activating them will open shortcuts or allow you to find hidden areas that are normally inaccessible!


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If you spot a large red landmark sprouting from the ground of Da’at, you’ve found an abscess: a territory full of demons who’ll attack anyone nearby. Once you destroy an Abscess, you’ll gain a new Miracle!


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・Magatsuhi Demons


From time to time, you’ll encounter foes with powerful skills who radiate an aura made of Magatsuhi. Besting them in battle will earn you valuable items!


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You can find relics through the vending machines located around Da’at! Bring them back to Gustave and sell them for some extra Macca.


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・Treasure Chests and Amalgams


Yellow treasure chests provide items and Macca, while silver Amalgams grant you Glory!


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・Demon Navigator


A demonic ally can aid you as you explore each corner of Da’at. While they can’t join you in battle, they’ll notify you when they find items and Magatsu Rails.


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・Aogami Husks


By examining Aogami Husks in Da’at, you can obtain Aogami Essences and gain new abilities in battle. You can re-obtain Essences from husks you already examined after a certain amount of time has passed.


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Demon Haunts


Using leyline founts will allow you to access demon haunts: places where the Nahobino can converse with his demonic allies and give them gifts. You’ll also be able to view them using the free camera mode! Defeating enemies, exploring areas, and making progress through the game can unlock special conversations in demon haunts, which may result in your allies giving you items or leveling up. Try visiting demon haunts and seeing how many unique conversations you can unlock!



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You can also interact with Aogami at Demons Haunts! Talking to him from time to time will boost your abilities.


Cadaver’s Hollow


To buy items with your Macca or sell relics, visit the keeper of Cadaver’s Hollow, Gustave. Simply find a Leyline fount and head on down!

Be sure to give Gustave a hand too! If you find his pawns—the Miman—and report back, you’ll earn rewards, including Glory to learn new Miracles! The Miman are scattered across Da’at, so keep your eyes peeled!



Gustave (voiced by Yusaku Yara)


Gustave is the demonic keeper of Cadaver’s Hollow and has a fascination with human belongings. He’s willing to purchase any of the relics you find throughout your adventures in Da’at.



Delve Into the World of Shadows and Harness the Full Potential of Demon Fusion


Sophia, the ruler of the World of Shadows, can fuse your demon allies together to create powerful new ones. Use Dyad Fusion to fuse 2 demons together, break down a demon into its components with Reverse Fusion, take advantage of Special Fusion to combine 2–4 predetermined demons into a much more powerful one, or create a demon of the same race by fusing elements together in Elemental Fusion. Plus, choose from a select number of skills for your new allies to inherit via fusion.

The World of Shadows can be accessed by finding a Leyline fount.



Sophia (voiced by Sayaka Kinoshita)


The mysterious ruler of the World of Shadows. She has come from a plane beyond reality to guide both the world and the Nahobino.




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