SEPTEMBER 1ST, 2023 – SEGA® and The Creative Assembly Ltd, have today launched the Shadows of Change DLC pack for Total War: WARHAMMER III. Three new Legendary Lords join the fray; The Changeling for Tzeentch, Yuan Bo, the Jade Dragon for Grand Cathay, and Mother Ostankya for Kislev with unique  campaign mechanics to exploit, units to command and battle abilities to wield.


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The Changeling, Tzeentch’s Trickster (Tzeentch):

• The Changeling is a master infiltrator who assumes many forms. Raising cults in settlements to  manipulate them in service of his schemes, he uses impersonation, insidious pranks and trickery  to erode alliances and fuel conflict such as tipping the iconic Elector Counts into civil war and  collapsing The Empire from within.
New units: The Blue Scribes, Tzaangors, the Cockatrice and the Mutalith Vortex Beast





Yuan Bo, The Jade Dragon (Grand Cathay):

• Leader of the Jade Court and The Emperor’s Executioner. At first glance, an obsessive bureaucrat -scratch the surface and find a formidable spymaster, sorcerer and ferocious warrior capable of  singling out and defeating enemy heroes and lords in melee combat.
• New units: the Jade Lion, the Jet Lion, Onyx Crowmen, the Celestial General and the Zhangu War Drum





Mother Ostankya, Daughter of the Forest (Kislev):

• A vengeful crone who dwells in the ancient oblasts of old Kislev and hunts forbidden Hexes. Her frail visage conceals a being of terrifying arcane might who haunts the nightmares of Kislevite children and harnesses nature’s wrath to create potent incantations.
• New units: the Hag Witch, the Incarnate Elemental of Beasts, The Things in the Woods, and Akshina Ambushers.

Free Content:
• Legendary Hero Aekold Helbrass; a chaos cultist pursued to the edge of the chaos wastes, he was
saved from the brink of death and reborn as a Champion of Tzeentch.



Patch 4.0

With Shadows of Change, Patch 4.0 is coming to Total War: Warhammer III. Full patch notes can be read on the official Total War blog but here is the tip of the iceberg in the form of a few highlights.

AI Changes & Improvements:

Total War: Warhammer III’s AI is receiving refinements to be more engaging to play against, more effective in the right places, and increasing the likelihood of making mistakes that can be capitalised on therefore creating more opportunities for players to seize the strategic initiative.

New Legacy Landmarks:
We’ve added 13 new Landmarks across the map in our continued effort to bring fan-favourite locations from the trilogy into Immortal Empires:
• Glacial Caves in Fateweavers Crevasse
• Agrammon’s Menagerie in Castle of Splendour
• Desecrated Grove in Haunted Forest
• Occupied Imperial Palace in Wei-Jin
• Pillar of Bone in Deff Gorge
• Huatl in the Awakening
• Monument to the Ecstatic Hunt in Shrine of Kurnous
• Valley of Many Eyes in Black Pit
• Rampaging Oak in Mordheim
• Wreck of the Talon of Agony in Haichai
• Monolith of the Bloody-Hand in Monolith of Bjorkil Bloody-Hand
• Hall of Rebirth in Lahmia
• Bells of the Lazarghs in Maw Gate


• The Lore of Light and the Lore of Beasts have been completely visually overhauled with every spell in each lore receiving all new visual effects and audio treatments.

• Beastmen – get ‘Herdstone’, as a minor settlement map.
• Lizardmen – get ‘Spawning Pools’, a new domination map.
• Chaos Wastes – the ‘Chaos Waste Mountains’ areas get new battle maps.

Bug Fixes
• A horde of bugs have been squashed in Patch 4.0 visit the Total War blog for full patch notes.


Total War: Warhammer Trilogy

Coming later this year Total War: Warhammer Trilogy Edition will combine all three base games into one unified physical release and retailing at £49.99/€59.99 including a 10% discount voucher across all DLC.


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