New Gameplay and Character Details Revealed


July 28, 2023SEGA has released more information about the upcoming Nintendo Switch™ title Samba de Amigo: Party Central (releasing August 30, 2023), including details on the game’s characters, stages, and controls.

Using your Nintendo Switch Joy-Cons as maracas, line up the maracas with dots on the screen at the right angle, wait for the right moment, and shake ’em! Follow on-screen instructions to dance or strike a pose, and groove to the beat of hit songs.

More tracks will be added as DLC after the game is released.








At the start of the game, you’ll be asked if you think yourself worthy of wielding the maracas. Brandish them and show what you’re made of



The festival begins as soon as you start the tutorial! High-five your amigos and demonstrate your magnificent maraca skills!






In Samba de Amigo: Party Central, Rhythm Ball will appear on-screen in sync with the music.  When they enter the designated zon, match your Joy-Cons at the right angle and shake them like maracas!





That’s not the only type of note you’ll be asked to pull off, however! There will also be Rapid notes beats, Slide notes where you have to trace the shape on-screen with your Joy-Cons, and Pose prompts that will have you imitate a pose!






There is also a series first addition of Dance prompts where you have to move based on the prompt displayed on screen






“Happening” prompts have been added to Samba de Amigo: Party Central to take your performances to the next level!




When you hit the “?” note during the game, a roulette wheel will appear! Try to complete the minigame that it lands on.

There are more than fifteen exciting mini-games, including exercises, popular TikTok hand dances, and high-fives! Complete them with style to increase your Fever Level and have a blast!




The Roulette can be toggled on and off in the pre-dance menu to suit your mood.





Samba de Amigo: Party Central comes with four different difficulty levels. While NORMAL, HARD, and SUPER HARD are separated by slight increases in difficulty, the brand-new CRAZY mode takes things to the next level by requiring players to dance and pull off crazy moves nonstop.


CRAZY mode will test the limits of your endurance. It might even serve as a great tool to get into shape!




○ Amigo





A monkey who set off on a journey to become the greatest maracas player in the world. He’s grown leaps and bounds after traveling the globe and mastering different musical styles!

Likes: Caramelized bananas. Birthday: March 8.



○ Linda





A popular dancer loved around the world! She becomes enamored with Amigo and his maracas skills after performing together. Her pet phrase is “Amore”.

Likes: Vegetables, especially zucchinis. Birthday: August 10



○ Amiga





A rising idol and Amigo’s younger sister. She quickly gained a fan base despite hiding her connection to her brother. When their familial relation was revealed, her popularity exploded, surpassing her brother’s.


Likes: Chocolate. Birthday: April 28.





○ Bublicious Resort





Originally a pool on the verge of closing down, it was renovated by Amiga and transformed into a colorful, bubble-themed resort.

Business has been booming lately thanks to its newfound popularity as a trendy photo spot for the Gen Z crowd.



○ Sunny Town





Named for its year-round carnival, Sunny Town is where Amigo made his debut. Here, Carnivals are in full-swing all year round, and the inhabitants are always full of cheer. On the outskirts of the town sits a large mountain where the Carnival is said to have originated as a ceremony to the gods residing there.



○ The Fes




One of the largest venues in the world, and a stage that all artists aspire to perform on. The owner of this place seems to be a big fan of Amigo, as there is a gigantic Amigo statue on the premises, and Amigo was the guest of honor at the venue’s grand opening



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