New Visual and Video Released, as well as an Overview of the Highly-anticipated Story Announced


September 20, 2023SEGA has released a new visual, an animated teaser, and a story overview for “The Final Horizon”, the third massive free content update for Sonic Frontiers (PlayStation®4, PlayStation®5, Nintendo Switch™, Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One, Steam). This climactic update adds a variety of new ways to enjoy the game.


This third update adds a new story on Ouranos Island and introduces Amy, Knuckles, and Tails as playable characters! Use their abilities to complete the new Challenges and missions and enjoy a brand-new ending to the game!



  • New Animated Teaser Released!






In the latest animated trailer, Sonic and his pals take on a new path discovered by Sage. To get a  better glimpse of what’s to come, check out the Teaser Trailer on YouTube! (Or…check it out below!)





  • New Story Overview Released! What is the New Path That Sonic and His Friends Face…?



A new choice leads to a new adventure!


Before the final battle on Ouranos Island, Sage proposes an alternative course of action: Sonic will attempt to convert Cyber Corruption into a new form of power, while Amy, Knuckles, and Tails search for the Chaos Emeralds on his behalf.


Faced with a scenario that would put both himself and his friends in danger, Sonic must decide…



About Sonic Frontiers

Zoom through a vast archipelago with Sonic’s supersonic speed in Sonic Frontiers, a boundless action-adventure game!

The story takes the stage in the Starfall Islands, an unknown area where an ancient civilization sleeps. Sonic’s new adventure begins in a land full of mysterious ruins and eerie enemies. This title features the next generation of stage-clearing action by combining all of the levels into a seamless “OpenZone” world. There are Challenges scattered all over the place, so you can enjoy high-velocity gameplay without being bound to the confines of a “Course”.

The map is packed with tons of other things to do, such as Battles, Puzzles, and Cyber Space levels, and how you proceed is entirely up to you!





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