August 25, 2023SEGA has released more information about the upcoming Like a Dragon Gaiden: The Man Who Erased His Name (PlayStation®4, PlayStation®5, Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One, Windows, Steam). The update reveals more details on the game’s two battle styles, “Yakuza” and “Agent”.

Mix and Match Two Different Combat Styles!

Kiryu can switch between Agent style and Yakuza style during battle.






  • Yakuza Style: Dominate with Kiryu’s Signature Brawling Style


Known as the “Dragon of Dojima”, Kazuma Kiryu became a legend in the criminal underworld after countless battles.

Characterized by ferocious haymakers, boneshattering kicks, and the impromptu use of nearby objects as weapons, Kiryu’s fighting style is designed to completely overwhelm his foes. Even after he joins the Daidoji, his technique continues to become more and more refined, nearing the realm of perfection.







  • Agent Style: Subdue Targets with Sheer Speed and an Assortment of Gadgets


This secret fighting style was developed by Daidoji Agents to better carry out their intelligence operations. It combines martial art techniques from different countries and time periods with equipment known as “gadgets”.

Those who master this style are said to possess complete control of any situation, no matter the opponent. Forced by the Daidoji to learn their techniques, Kiryu now has the skill set to complete any operation flawlessly. It’s a style befitting of Joryu, a man who has erased his name.


Heat Actions Return to Get the Battle Fired Up!


Utilize powerful Heat Actions in battle, and maximize their damage in Extreme Heat Mode to finish your enemies off.







  • Heat Actions


Heat Actions can be broadly classified into two categories: those that can be used in Yakuza style, and those that can be used in Agent style.

Yakuza style Heat Actions are dramatic skills that pulverize enemies with Kiryu’s signature power. Agent style Heat Actions are ruthless yet sophisticated techniques that show a glimpse into the true nature of the Daidoji’s secret martial arts


  • Extreme Heat Mode Extreme


Heat Mode can be activated when the Heat Gauge reaches a certain level. When activated, this mode brings out the true potential of each battle style






Yakuza Style:


In Yakuza style, this mode enhances Kiryu’s destructive power and allows him to pummel his foes mercilessly without pause.





On top of automatically picking up any nearby weapons and attacking enemies with them, he can also continually use Heat Actions in this state. Even fierce opponents cannot withstand this ferocious onslaught.





Agent Style:


In Agent style, this mode draws out the gadget’s abilities to the max, allowing Kiryu to take down multiple enemies in style.






The Serpent will output at full throttle, allowing Kiryu to unleash blindingly fast kicks. Bee drones will immediately swarm to launch a massive joint attack. The Spider watch will shoot even more wires than its usual maximum. Firefly bombs will create explosions larger than with a rocket launcher. Making full use of these gadgets enables Kiryu to suppress enemies with ease.



New Battle Mechanic Combines the Old with the New



When a boss performs a special move, Kiryu’s new charge attack “Ultimate Counter” allows him to reflect tremendous amounts of damage back at them.






  • Ultimate Counter



All of the bosses in the game possess powerful special moves. Kiryu can block these moves with an Ultimate Counter, reflecting tremendous amounts of damage back at his foe.






In Yakuza style, Kiryu can use Ultimate Counter to crush the incoming attack with brute strength, break the enemy’s guard with a ferocious kick, and then hurl them away in a violent throw. With Agent style, he will deflect the attack with a precise axe kick, deal a swift elbow strike, and then use gadgets to fling the boss around, entangling any nearby enemies.






  • Charge Attacks


Yakuza style has an abundance of charge attacks that deal extra damage.

Gather your strength to unleash a powerful blow!

Follow up quick combos with charged-up Finishing Blows, or perform a counterattack even after an attack has landed with Resolute Counter. Enemies hit by these charged blows are flung away at powerful, wall-crushing speeds. Such unprecedented and explosive offensive power is one of the defining features of Kiryu’s ultimate style.



Upgrade Abilities with the Catalog






You can acquire new skills and abilities by purchasing the books listed in the catalog you receive from the Daidoji faction.

These come in a variety of different genres, such as instructional guides, academic books, novels, manga, and more. Their price varies from book to book. Valuable tomes can cost hundreds of thousands of yen.

Some books contain detailed descriptions of skills. Some inspire Kiryu to think up a new skill, and some remind him of techniques he used in the past. There seems to be a way to expand your catalog, but getting your hands on every last book will cost a fortune.



Deliver Destruction with Agent Style’s Four Key Gadgets


When used wisely, the Spider, Serpent, Firefly, and Bee can deliver devastating damage in a number of creative ways.






  • Spider


A tool that ejects very thin wires from a watch to restrain enemies. You can attack restrained foes, draw them towards you, or throw them to the ground. This gadget can be utilized in a wide variety of ways, including picking up weapons from the ground or snatching them away from enemies.






  • Serpent


A compact jet spray mechanism hidden inside Kiryu’s shoes allows for bursts of accelerated movement. At this high speed, his tackles have the destructive force of a warhead. By enabling quick close-ins and retreats, the Serpent synergizes with many other gadgets when mastered






  • Firefly



A small bomb shaped like a cigarette.

Several of these gadgets can be thrown consecutively. They will explode after a set amount of time.

You can even set off a chain of explosions, making these a strategic tool that can be tremendously effective if thrown at the right time and place.






  • Bee


An autonomous combat auxiliary drone powered by AI.

They are reliable allies during Kiryu’s Agent duties, following him around wherever he goes. Their main function is to fly in one after another and disrupt enemies.



Upgrade Gadgets to Improve Their Functionality


You can level up and enhance each of your gadgets through the services of a certain weaponsmith. For example, the “Spider” gadget will emit more wires as its level increases. Some gadgets can even acquire additional functions.

Gadgets are listed in the catalog, where you can spend money to raise their level or equip additional functions. END



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