Light the Flames of Revolution! – Persona 5 Tactica Introduces New Trailer, Yoshiki’s Kingdom, and the Repaint Your Heart Challenge Pack DLC!

Written by Ren

7 August 2023

Akechi and Kasumi Appear in Additional Side Stories

August 7, 2023 – SEGA has released a new trailer for Persona 5 Tactica and details about Yoshiki’s Kingdom, one of the realms in the game. This title is a new tactical RPG from ATLUS that is scheduled to release on November 17, 2023 (Xbox Game Pass, Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One, Windows, PlayStation®4, PlayStation®5, Nintendo Switch™, and Steam).

In addition, we’ll be introducing the two exclusive characters who appear in the Repaint Your Heart Challenge Pack, a DLC that adds new stories to the game.


■ The Second Official Trailer Released!


The second official trailer for Persona 5 Tactica has been released. It showcases new animations, gameplay footage, and combat sequences from the game. Also gives a sneak peek at Yoshiki’s Kingdom, one of the new realms in the game, and an exciting battle scene with the general Yoshiki himself! At the end, it reveals that the fan-favorite Goro Akechi and Kasumi Yoshizawa will make an appearance through additional DLC! Witness the Phantom Thieves as they engage in a new revolution!


Official Trailer PV02



■ An Introduction to the Story and the New Realms


• “To see is to love!” – Yoshiki’s Kingdom: A realm of surveillance


In this adventure, the Thieves wander into a Kingdom that resembles Bakumatsu-era Japan, a complete opposite of the European-style townscape from Marie’s Kingdom.

Before they can gather their bearings, they run into a woman named Yuki who is being assailed by enemies.

Upon saving her, however, they are promptly designated as wanted criminals and hunted down. According to Yuki, while Yoshiki—the general of the Kingdom—appears to serve as a “well-meaning ruler for his country”, this is merely a I.


Surveillance cameras have been installed all over the country to “protect” the citizens. If anybody shows even a hint of resisting Yoshiki, they are arrested and made to participate in a “Labor of Love”—a forced labor camp.

Resolving to stand against this dictatorship, the Thieves start off their resistance by visiting bases and releasing the trapped people.



• Stealing the “eyes” of surveillance through disguise – Double Pincer Attack: Mach II!



In order to fool Yoshiki’s Aizen Squad and network of surveillance cameras, the Phantom Thieves
take Yuki’s advice and visit a silk shop in the town.

Disguising themselves as samurai, geishas, local inhabitants, and more, they break up into two teams: one to divert the attention of the Aizen Squad, and one to rescue the people and dismantle the surveillance system.



They successfully execute their operation, but the celebrations are cut when an incensed Yoshiki suddenly descends from the sky.

“Hohoho… such an irreverent attitude… But you are forgiven!”
“After all, I was fiiinally able to find you because of it.”
“Who? Who, you ask?”
“Toshirooo! Who the hell else could it possibly be!?”


■ Akechi and Kasumi Make an Appearance in the Repaint Your Heart Challenge Pack DLC!


The Repaint Your Heart Pack DLC, which is scheduled to release at the same time as the base game: November 17, 2023, will features Goro Akechi and Kasumi Yoshizawa with an additional new story! It unveils the truth behind the Arsène mural that suddenly appears in Tokyo and the elusive street artist Guernica. Make sure to check it out!




Guernica is an anonymous artist who treats the entire city as her canvas, completing massive artworks in the span of a single night.

As her bold projects draw the attention of the world, mysterious graffiti begin to pop up all over the city.

Among them is a depiction of Arsène, an existence that should be unknown outside of Persona users.

After being informed of this artwork by Kasumi Yoshizawa, Joker heads to the scene.

While discussing with Goro Akechi, who, by chance, had also been investigating this incident, a mysterious voice suddenly calls out:

“I need your power… to retrieve the heart!”



Main Characters

Goro Akechi (Voice: Soichiro Hoshi)
Persona: Robin Hood

A third-year high school student who also works as a detective. He has already solved several cases, earning respect from investigative agencies. He is quite popular thanks to his clear mind, friendly personality, and good looks.

With an active presence in the media, he has been heralded as “the next Detective Prince”. Though he was initially trying to capture the Phantom Thieves, certain circumstances bring him to join their cause.

Kasumi Yoshizawa (Voice: Sora Amamiya)
Persona: Cendrillon

A first-year who transferred into Shujin Academy during the same year as the protagonist.

As a gifted rhythmic gymnast who has seen much success since her middle school years, the school has high expectations for her future potential.

Pre-Orders are Available Now! Orpheus Picaro and Izanagi Picaro will be Given as a Limited Pre-Order Bonus!

Pre-orders are currently available on the Microsoft Store (Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One, Windows), PlayStation™Store (PS4™, PS5™), and Steam. Nintendo Switch™ users can add the title to their Wish Lists.

Players who purchase the game early will receive the Orpheus Picaro and Izanagi Picaro Personas as a limited bonus*.

*Limited bonus content is subject to change without prior notice. The content from the limited bonus will only be available while stocks last.

**All footage shown is from the Japanese edition of the game which is still under development. English support will be available on release.



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