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New Information Including an Exciting Story and Three-Person Combat System has Been Revealed!

June 19, 2023 – SEGA has revealed details on Persona 5 Tactica (P5T), which is releasing on November 17, 2023 on Xbox Game Pass, Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One, Windows, PlayStation®4, PlayStation®5, Nintendo Switch™ and Steam. Read on to learn about the game’s revolution-focused story, its heroes, the combat system, as well as the DLC and limited bonus.

In this stylish tactical RPG which is the newest installment in the Persona 5 franchise, One More, AllOut Attacks, and other familiar features make their return. Lead your characters on the battlefield and outmaneuver your enemies to claim victory!

After saving Joker and his friends, a mysterious girl, Erina the Rebel, offers them a unique proposition.

Join the Phantom Thieves as their revolution unfolds!

Official Announcement Trailer

A Tale of Revolution

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It’s a snowy winter day; graduation is looming, and the Phantom Thieves have gathered at LeBlanc to celebrate.

But this is brought to an abrupt end as a strange phenomenon besets the TV, and the cafe begins to shake.

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As the Thieves find their bearings, an eerie light envelops the cafe door. Upon cautiously opening it, they find a distant and unknown world waiting on the other side!

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After stumbling into a mysterious world reminiscent of medieval Europe, the group is attacked by a band of soldiers called Legionnaires. Labeled as rebels by their assailants, Joker and his friends are surrounded, and all seems lost.

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In a stroke of luck, they are rescued by a mysterious girl named Erina the Rebel, who invites them to join her revolution.

Main Characters

Protagonist (Voice: Jun Fukuyama)
Persona: Arsène

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The hero of our tale. This high schooler’s Persona abilities awoke when he became embroiled in the infamous “psychotic breakdown incidents”. Under the codename Joker, he leads the Phantom Thieves of Hearts, an organization that shakes up society and forces corrupt adults to have a change of heart.

While celebrating with the rest of the gang at LeBlanc, they are suddenly transported to another world. His Persona is Arsène.

Morgana (Voice: Ikue Otani)
Persona: Zorro

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This talking cat (?) was trapped in another world before the protagonist saved his bacon. The two have worked together ever since.

In the real world, he takes the form of an ordinary cat, and the people around him hear his speech as nothing more than meowing.

With his expertise on the Metaverse, he serves as the group’s mentor and mascot.

Erina (Voice: Rie Takahashi)

Erina is a new character who saves the Phantom Thieves from a life-or-death situation. She’s less suited to meticulously thinking things through than she is to recklessly charging in to save those who are suffering. However, it’s this drive that has earned the trust of her followers in the Rebel Corps.

She enlists the Phantom Thieves in her efforts to revolt against the oppressive rulers of her city.

Combat System

Strategic Three-Person Battles

In this tactical RPG, players form a party of three using Joker, the rest of the Phantom Thieves, and newcomer Erina. Positioning and coordinating your team are crucial to the game’s exciting new combat system.

Persona 5 Elements like One More and Persona Summoning Make a Return!

While the game features a new combat system, players can still enjoy the unique combat of the Persona 5 series, whether shooting from behind a wall, getting up close and personal, or of course summoning a Persona. And if an attack downs an enemy, a One More attack offers the chance for a follow-up.

Finish Them Off with a Triple Threat Attack!

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The new combat system features a new take on the series’ mainstay All-Out Attacks. Surround a downed enemy with all three members of your party to unleash a powerful Triple Threat attack.


The vocals for the opening and ending themes and battle tracks are provided by Lyn (Lyn Inaizumi). The music was composed by the ATLUS Sound Team’s Toshiki Konishi, who performed as a guitarist in the Persona Super Live 2022.

Repaint Your Heart DLC Available from Day One!

A DLC with extra story content will be made available at launch on November 17, 2023. In addition to the new story, a fan-favorite character and an exciting new battle mode will also be included.

The DLC can be purchased individually or via the Digital Deluxe Edition.

More details will be revealed at a later date.

Limited Bonus: Orpheus Picaro and Izanagi Picaro

Players who purchase the game early will receive the Orpheus Picaro and Izanagi Picaro Personas
as a limited bonus*.

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*Limited bonus content is subject to change without prior notice. The content from the limited bonus will only be available while stocks last.
**All footage shown is from the Japanese edition of the game which is still under development. English support will be available on release.



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