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Fight as a Unified Party of Four in Granblue Fantasy: Relink, a Full-Fledged Action RPG!

November 16, 2023 – SEGA is pleased to share the story, artwork, and characters of the upcoming action RPG Granblue Fantasy: Relink, which releases worldwide on February 1, 2024 on PlayStation®4, PlayStation®5, and Steam.


About Granblue Fantasy: Relink


GranBlue Fantasy Relink Characters - 02


Granblue Fantasy: Relink is an immersive action RPG where you can fight alongside three other companions and meet a diverse cast of characters.

Each character has their own battle mechanics that make for unique action styles—overwhelm enemies with a rapid flurry of attacks, employ guns and magic to strike from a safe distance, or hold out for that perfect chance to deal massive damage with a well-timed strike! Enjoy a unique battle experience based on the character you choose!

Combos, Skybound Arts, and powerful, over-the-top joint attacks can all be executed with simple controls. You can also choose to automate some actions or set almost everything outside of movement to be automatic, so even newcomers to the genre can play with ease.

In addition to the single-player main story experience, there are also over 100 quests with an assortment of tough monsters and various quest types, all playable with up to three other players online. Use items and points collected from quests to upgrade your characters and equipment and choose skill combinations that best suit your personal playstyle. You can also match up with other players online to form a party to take on even more fearsome enemies.


■ Story


This tale takes place in a world of floating islands known as the Sky Realm. The protagonist takes off on a journey with his dragon pal, Vyrn, to the legendary island of Estalucia. He encounters many new friends along the way, including Lyria, a girl who possesses mysterious powers.

The story begins with the protagonist and his allies arriving at Zegagrande Skydom, one of the regions in the vast Sky Realm. They go on countless exciting adventures, encountering the primal beasts that guard the islands, as well as the Church of Avia, a shadowy organization that operates in the skydoms. As the group becomes embroiled in battles and conspiracies that involve the entire skydom, they must come face-to-face with their grand destinies.


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■ Artwork


・Cutting-Edge Visuals, Gorgeous Environments


Walk through the beautiful 2D artwork of Cygames and CyDesignation, now realized in full 3D. From lovingly crafted landscapes to detailed objects, enter a realm where experiencing a world bursting with character takes precedence over photorealism. You will feel the wind from the deck of an airship, visit quaint towns for the first time, and battle across sprawling hillsides. There’s plenty to discover on this journey.



・The Hallmark Artwork of Granblue



Our beloved characters have been meticulously translated into 3D, complete with painterly lighting and shading techniques.

Character models, and their equipped weapons, have been carefully crafted to be appreciated from any angle. Facial expressions have been given an equal amount of care, ensuring that the whole cast comes alive during the adventure.


■ Characters


・Main Character


Your face in the world of Granblue Fantasy. Just decide on a name and get ready to embark on an exciting new journey.


Main Character – Gran



Take command of your crew and embark on an exciting new journey.


Main Character – Djeeta



Take command of your crew and embark on an exciting new journey.





Girl in Blue

A young girl, shrouded in mystery, who holds the power to control primal beasts.

The Erste Empire coveted this ability and secretly held her captive until the guard assigned to protect her, Katalina, engineered her escape. The empire pursued them to the forests of Zinkenstill, which is where you encountered the pair. You tried to protect Lyria and became fatally wounded. Sensing a life slipping away, Lyria linked her life force to yours, binding two fates forevermore.





Little Red Dragon

Your bestest pal, this little fellow has stuck with you through thick and thin, and he’s not about to let a little thing like a death-defying journey stop him now. Some might even call it fate.




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