Endless Dungeon Closed Beta KV

Get instant access by pre-ordering the Last Wish Edition on Steam or Epic Games Store. Players who snag the game on Steam will also get two free buddy passes for friends to play along in multiplayer!

August 22nd – Grab some guns, lasso some friends, and get ready to venture into parts unknown! We here at Amplitude Studios are delighted to announce that the Closed Beta for ENDLESS™ Dungeon will be happening from September 7th to the 18th
ENDLESS™ Dungeon is a rogue-lite tactical action game with a sprinkle of tower defense. You find yourself stranded in a mysterious abandoned space station. Your goal is to fight your way to the exit all the while protecting your crystal from never-ending waves of monsters… or die trying, get reloaded, and try again!

Get ready to test your mettle against new bosses and monsters, and even start discovering bits and pieces of station lore. Plus, players who pre-order on Steam will also get two free buddy passes for friends to play along in multiplayer!

Watch the Closed Beta Trailer Here


What’s in the Closed Beta?


This closed beta is PC only but ENDLESS™ Dungeon will be coming to PC and consoles on October 19th!

Anyone who pre-orders the Last Wish Edition of the game on Steam or Epic Games Store will be granted access to the Closed Beta and all its spicy content:

• 4 heroes to incarnate, plus Hero Quest content for the very first time!
• 15 types of monsters to face (of the Bug, Blob, and Bot variety)
• 5 districts to explore (Astral Harbor, Devotion Garden, Labor Colony, Procedural Factory, Life Incubator)
• 2 bosses to smash…or get smashed by! (Cagekeeper, Bug Momma)
• Co-op multiplayer up to 3 players
• Multi-language

As always with pre-release builds our goal is to gather community feedback to help make the game the best that it can possibly be! Players who play through the game will be able to complete an in-game survey
and let us know all your thoughts, hopes, and dreams…


Gift Free Access to Your Friends


Want to win the adoration and respect of your friends? Well, we can’t promise that, but on Steam only, anyone with the Last Wish Edition of the game will also receive two additional licenses for a special “multiplayer only” version of the game that they can gift to two friends via Steam’s gift system. This access will only last for the duration of the Closed Beta.

For more information check out Games2Gether.

Select streamers will also be dropping “multiplayer only” accesses via Twitch drops. Check Games2Gether starting September 7th for the official list!

Pre-orders are available at this link.

See you on the inside!

– The Ampliteam



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