Deep Dive into Samba de Amigo: Party Central – Get Ready for More Party Fun with World Party Mode!

Written by Ren

5 September 2023

Samba de Amigo World Party Mode - 01 KV

Outperform your competitors in an all-new online battle royale mode—World Party

September 4, 2023 – SEGA has unveiled more information about the Nintendo Switch™ title Samba de Amigo: Party Central released on August 30, 2023, including details about the World Party mode.

Using your Nintendo Switch Joy-Cons as maracas, line up the maracas with dots on the screen at the right angle, wait for the right moment, and shake ’em! Follow on-screen instructions to dance or strike a pose, and groove to the beat of hit songs.


World Party Mode!


Samba de Amigo World Party Mode - 02


In the World Party Mode, up to 3 songs are played, and participants must play their best to move on to the next song. Avoid being cut and aim to become the top performer! A maximum of 20 characters – 8 players and 12 CPU – can participate in this online battle royale mode.

You’ll earn points each time you clear a World Party, so keep busting away on the world stage!


Samba de Amigo World Party Mode - 03


A slew of items are available for you to use, including Bomb Hoppers, which attack your opponents, Golden Notes which will boost your score, and the Beckoning Cat, which will snatch points from your opponents’ scores.


Samba de Amigo World Party Mode - 04


Online Play


A separate online mode where you and three of your friends can play together.


Samba de Amigo World Party Mode - 05


Character Profiles


○ Rio


Samba de Amigo World Party Mode - 06


A world-famous idol who can charm you off your feet with his stunning looks. Rio is no stranger to hard work and has never missed a day of training. He was originally in a band with Chumba and Wamba, but they split after deciding to take different trajectories. As a self-made artist, Rio believes wholeheartedly in wooing new fans with his talent alone.

Likes: Protein.
Birthday: February 9.


○ Chumba


Samba de Amigo World Party Mode - 07


A regular at Wamba’s restaurant. Chumba was originally a street thug, but his growing fascination with the mandolin whisked him away from a life of crime and into the world of music. After realizing that they were in a rut, Wamba and Chumba put on suits and try to seize a new lease on life.

Likes: Cappuccinos.
Birthday: August 4.


○ Wamba


Samba de Amigo World Party Mode - 08


A conga player and owner of an eatery that is famous for their cactus steak. Earning quite the reputation for his masterful beats and soulful philosophy, Wamba’s concerts sell out in seconds.

Likes: Tacos.
Birthday: July 14.




○ Bee Arena


Samba de Amigo World Party Mode - 09


A high-tech arena where Chumba and Wamba, who also go by the stage name the Salt and Vinegars, frequently hold their concerts.


○ Resistance Disco


Samba de Amigo World Party Mode - 10

No one knows how the place earned its name, but it’s a popular hangout for music lovers. They’ve recently installed state-of-the-art disco fittings that can completely transform a room.


○ Electro Studio


Samba de Amigo World Party Mode - 11


The television studio where Bingo and Bongo shoot their TV program. The show’s viewership has taken a hit in recent years. It’s best known for being the birthplace of their group name Pair Bear.




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