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Hit the dance floor with a friend in “Party for Two”!

August 4, 2023 – SEGA is pleased to reveal more information about the upcoming Nintendo Switch™ title Samba de Amigo: Party Central (releasing August 30, 2023), including details about the co-op modes in “Party for Two”, characters, stages, and more.

Using your Nintendo Switch Joy-Cons as maracas, line up the maracas with dots on the screen at the right angle, wait for the right moment, and shake ’em! Follow on-screen instructions to dance or strike a pose, and groove to the beat of hit songs.

More tracks will be added as DLC after the game is released.


Party for Two

This game is packed to the brim with a variety of different party modes. Play with a friend to bump up the fun to a whole ‘nother level! Are you ready for a real party?!


• Love Checker


Dance with a friend and predict your compatibility in Love Checker! Every time your Joy-Con shakes match up, the heart icons on the screen will get closer and closer. The number of hearts you earn will determine your compatibility.



Every now and then, both of your rhythm maps will merge into one. In addition to keeping the beat, you’ll have to strategize and improvise with your partner in order to hit the rhythm balls and perform two-person poses.

This mode is a blast for players and spectators alike!

In addition to showing your compatibility percentage, you’ll be placed into a category and given advice. Play Love Checker with somebody you want to get closer to and you should see some results!… probably.

And, if you reach 100% compatibility…



• Showdown


Battle with your friend to appeal to the in-game audience. Play through segments of a song as you compete to win over the crowd.



If you lose, you’ll be given an “appeal chance”! Perform imitations, blow kisses, and complete other wacky shenanigans to win back your real audience—the people around you!



These elements will lead to hysterical moments when playing with friends.


• Rhythm Game


Of course, co-op is also available for the regular game mode. After the song ends, the MVP Mark on the results screen will reveal which player danced the best!


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• Petite Rhythm Game


This is a mode that allows you to play through a song while only doing the minigames that appear in Happenings. Up to two players can enjoy this mode.

     o Knock it out of the park!


Feel the rhythm and swing your bat at the ball that comes flying at you! Try to get a home run!



     o Exercise!


A workout that just really gets you moving. Which one of you has the most stamina? This could be a great way to get into shape together!



     o Left and Right!


In this game, you’ll have to swing right or left depending on each rhythm ball. It may be a bit difficult to get used to, but it can make for some intense battles once you get the hang of things!



Character Profiles


• Bingo



A member of a dance unit that was once a hit sensation. Rumors say that the person inside has a really foul mouth, and the costume helps cover that up. While he loves teasing Amiga, it’s only because he’s a big fan of hers.

Likes: Marshmallows.
Birthday: September 10.


• Bongo



A member of a dance unit that was once a hit sensation. She formed the unit with Bingo upon his invitation. After experiencing some artistic inspiration, she created a new costume to achieve a resurgence. Her popularity seems to be growing again. She really likes Bongo.

Likes: Gummies.
Birthday: October 9.


• Max



A street dancer born and raised in the city. Max is a trendy young man who loves stylish beats and dancing. He used to think maracas were lame, but after meeting Amigo, he realized just how foolish this perspective was.

Likes: Gum.
Birthday: June 4.




• Water Party



A seaside villa owned by a certain successful entrepreneur. They are a big fan of Amigo and have given him permission to freely use the premises. Every evening, people dance to the DJ’s music as glowing balls float over the pool.


• Night City



A buzzing metropolis filled with skyscrapers. Known as “the city that never sleeps”, it’s a major tourist destination that acts as a massive hub for various forms of entertainment. The musical that Amigo starred in has been showing here for a long time, and a sequel may be in the works.


• Pink Square



Located in the heart of the city, this is the hot spot for youngsters who love rhythm and cute things. It seems like dancing here will make you feel soft and fluffy inside. Bingo and Bongo’s new costumes were inspired by the bear statue floating in the center.


Character Introduction Video for Samba de Amigo: Party Central!


Watch Amigo and his pals’ exhilarating dancing as they hype up the game!




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