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January 31, 2024 – SEGA is thrilled to reveal each character’s playstyle in the upcoming action RPG Granblue Fantasy: Relink, which releases worldwide on February 1, 2024 on PlayStation®4, PlayStation®5, and Steam.

*Cygames will be listed as the publisher of the Steam version.


■ Main Story and Quests


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In addition to the single-player main story experience, Granblue Fantasy: Relink offers over 100 quests with an assortment of tough monsters and various quest types, all playable with up to three other players online. Use rewards collected from quests to upgrade your characters and equipment, and choose skill combinations that best suit your personal playstyle. You can also match up with other players online to form a party to take on even more fearsome enemies.


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■ Playstyle Overview


The Captain


Granblue Fantasy Relink Playstyles - 04


A reliable leader who excels at close range with one-handed swords. Can learn a variety of skills to fill any gaps in your party setup.




Granblue Fantasy Relink Playstyles - 05


A skilled swordswoman, she boasts healing and protective skills. Call upon the primal beast Ares to temporarily enhance her attacks.




Granblue Fantasy Relink Playstyles - 06


He attacks from a distance with a rifle and pistol, but if the enemy gets too close, he can shift his position in the blink of an eye.




Granblue Fantasy Relink Playstyles - 07


She wields a variety of spells to support allies and hinder enemies. Once she’s put some distance between herself and her target, she can pump up some truly destructive damage.




Granblue Fantasy Relink Playstyles - 08


This old merc specializes in precision firing from a distance. By targeting specific weak points, he can make quick work of foes.




Granblue Fantasy Relink Playstyles - 09


She can wield her thorns to keep foes at bay while planting roses across the battlefield to support her allies with a variety of skills.




Granblue Fantasy Relink Playstyles - 10


Thrashing enemies from mid-range with her whip, Ferry and her pets provide a variety of supportive effects to allies.




Granblue Fantasy Relink Playstyles - 11


An agile knight who specializes in evasion and overwhelming his foes with a flurry of attacks from his dual blades.




Granblue Fantasy Relink Playstyles - 12


A loyal knight who shrugs off enemy attacks with grand halberd swings. He also protects his allies with formidable defensive skills.




Granblue Fantasy Relink Playstyles - 13


A lordly knight who fields flame and blade in equal measure. He can charge his strikes for increased firepower.




Granblue Fantasy Relink Playstyles - 14


Specializes in devastating attacks with his greatsword. Perfect timing results in stronger attacks.




Granblue Fantasy Relink Playstyles - 15


Skilled at hindering the enemy with rapid cuts and aerial attacks, she boldly flies into the fray to strike at her foes.





An ephemeral warrior who delivers captivating attacks as she switches between two stances, one for speed and one for range.





Slices his foes to shreds in an agile display of dual katana mastery. A speed demon of a character.





She’s a feisty spear wielder who punishes foes with aerial combos.





A behemoth of a skyfarer who shrugs off his foe’s attacks as swings his massive scythe. He excels at delivering massive damage, even if he is put in harm’s way.





A warrior who only trusts in the power of his fist. He excels at close range, where he can strike with his Raging Fist to utterly crush his unlucky foes.


■ Playable Demo Available


A playable demo of Granblue Fantasy: Relink is out now on PlayStation®4 and PlayStation®5.


Granblue Fantasy Relink PlayStation™Store Page




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