Players will also receive a free Vauban update, which adds gameplay and quality-of-life improvements.

April 27, 2023 – Peace is always an option. But in a strategy game where the sky is the limit and your opponents have a hankering for your land and titles, it’s not always a first choice! Turn-based historical strategy epic Humankind’s new Para Bellum Wonders Pack will focus on war and the wonders erected by leaders of the past and present in their quest for deterrence, dominance, and hegemony.

Following the diplomacy-led pack Together We Rule, the addition of Para Bellum will give players more ways to create and manage their unique civilization than ever before. This pack of six wartime wonders is now available as a free DLC for its first two weeks on Steam and the Epic Games Store until May 10th. Today’s Para Bellum Wonders Pack launch is also accompanied by the colossal (tee-hee) Vauban Update, which improves diplomacy, existing wonders, and AI, as well adding a beta version of Steam workshop support to the game. Let’s take a closer look!

Para Bellum Wonders Pack

Prepare Humankind for war with the Para Bellum Wonders Pack!

Fire up a whole new approach to conflicts with these iconic marvels. Let these six new cultural wonders allow you to explore the path of war.

This Wonders Pack includes six new cultural wonders:

• Stables of Pi Ramesses - The city of Pi-Ramesses became the capital of Egypt during Ramesses’ II reign in the 14th century BCE. The Pharaoh’s stables were the headquarters of the Chariot Troops of the King and could accommodate and train up to 460 horses.

• Colosseum – The Amphitheatrum Flavium remained the biggest Roman construction until the Empire’s end. The Colosseum was surrounded by gladiator schools and their inauguration games.

• Citadel of Alamut - Built in the ninth century on a dramatic mountain overhang, the Citadel of Alamut was taken over by Hassan as-Sabbah in 1090. Under his rule, this isolated stronghold became the center of the Nizari Ismaili state.

• Hôtel des Invalides - The Hôtel des Invalides was built in the late 17th century on the orders of France’s Louis XIV. Designed to host some of the many injured soldiers and veterans in need, it included rooms, refectories, and a dedicated hospital for its residents.

• Kaiserliche Werft – Founded in 1869, Wilhelmshaven Imperial Shipyard was the biggest German shipyard specialized in building warships. At the turn of the 20th century, the site’s nearly 20,000 workers produced some of the era’s largest warships.

• The Pentagon - Built during WWII, the Pentagon is an administrative building that houses the United States Department of Defense. It employs more than 20,000 people on-site to coordinate the missions of the country’s 1.3 million active-duty service members.

Vauban Free Update

The Vauban Update is also out now, featuring several gameplay and quality-of-life improvements:

• Demand/Renounce All Buttons: New “Renounce All” and “Demand All” buttons have been added to the Crisis tab of the Diplomacy screen to deal with all grievances at once. It’s never been so easy to forgive and forget… or worse.

• Auto-resolve Improvements: We’ve added a preview of the damage units will take when the cursor hovers over the auto-resolve button. Additionally, we’ve made some small changes to the auto-resolve formula to better reflect army compositions and terrain.

• AI Improvements: We’ve worked on how AI manages Faith, Influence, and early expansion. They should now make for better competitors!

• Cultural Wonder Improvements: We’ve added adjacency bonuses to many wonders to encourage players to incorporate them into your city planning. Additionally, wonders are now cheaper to claim, and can be renounced if a player changes their mind.

• Steam Workshop [BETA]: In addition to our current cross-platform mod solution, we are now adding Steam Workshop support. Players can choose either or the Steam Workshop to get and upload their mods. Please note that this feature is in beta, with a full release to follow soon.

For more information, check out our latest dev blog.

Our Biggest Sale Yet

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We hope you enjoy!

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