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Unicorn Overlord Classes – 15SEGA has shared new details on Unicorn Overlord—the new game from ATLUS and VANILLAWARE—scheduled to release on March 8, 2024, for PlayStation®4, PlayStation®5, Nintendo Switch™, and Xbox Series X|S. Learn more about the vibrant characters, their diverse classes, and how to train them.


About Unicorn Overlord


Featuring innovative strategic battles, open exploration, and high-resolution graphics and characters by VANILLAWARE, meet new companions and face off against a great evil in this classic adventure.

Unicorn Overlord delicately blends the new and the old into a unique and unforgettable experience. Delve into a rich, immersive landscape with a distinctive battle system that incorporates elements hearkening back to the golden age of 16-bit gaming, while also enjoying online battles via the Coliseum.


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Rosalinde (voiced by Reina Ueda)


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“You are not to drop your guards at any moment.”

Augur of the dark elves and aide to her elder sister Eltolinde, the Turenós of Elheim. When Laurhal fell, she fled and began amassing an army in the hopes of mounting a counterattack.


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Eltolinde (voiced by Reina Ueda)


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“I will aid you however I’m able.”

Rosalinde’s twin sister and the Turenós of Elheim. Unable to resist Zenoira’s onslaught, she surrendered and chose to lead her nation from within captivity.


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Ithilion (voiced by Tarusuke Shingaki)


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“Don’t give up hope just yet. Steel your resolve and strike true!”

A swordsman and knight in service of Elheim. He was away from Laurhal when the land fell to Zenoira, and has led a guerilla force ever since.



Alcina (voiced by Mamiko Noto)


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“But don’t worry, Alain. We’ll meet again soon enough.”

A witch loyal to the Zenoiran Army. Formerly served as court sorceress to the Cornian royal family, but has now sworn fealty to Galerius. It appears that she has done so with some hidden agenda in mind.


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Baltro (voiced by Hiroshi Naka)


“What ill fortune for you. Newly restored, only to serve as the main course in a banquet of flesh and blood.”

A wizened sorcerer who serves Galerius. Versed in all manner of dark spells and curses, his face remains obscured behind his hood. Baltro seeks to bend others to his will using the sinister techniques he has honed over the years.





Each character has a set class that determines their combat affinities, as well as what weapons and skills they’re able to use. Making use of each class’s trait will help you gain an edge in the battles to come.




These are some of the 60 classes that appear.




A class with an excellent physickal attack that can shatter an opponent’s armor with a single swing of their axe. They can also deliver a follow-up strike after battle.





A resilient class boasting tremendous health. With their massive physiques, a sweep of their great axe can mow down a row of enemies. They can also prevent their endurance from dropping by healing themselves.




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A crossbow-wielding class that deals high physickal damage. They possess a wide range of abilities, including anti-flying skills, follow-up attacks via reloading, and healing for allies at the end of battles.




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A class specializing in healing abilities. While they lack offensive capabilities, they excel in utilizing a variety of healing skills, significantly increasing the survival rate of their allies.


・Wyvern Knight


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Soars through the air, excelling at offense and defense in equal measure. They have a high chance of evading attacks from the ground and possess anti-cavalry skills, making them formidable against ground-based enemies. However, they are weak to arrows, so caution is advised against classes like Hunters.




Unicorn Overlord Classes - 18


A class specialized in debuffing enemies. They possess skills that hinder enemy actions and significantly lower their abilities. Their curses instill fear in their opponents.


・Elven Fencer


Unicorn Overlord Classes - 19


Magickal elven swordfighters. Their strikes imbued with magickal power can penetrate even the thickest of armor. They can also harness the power of the fae to create barriers that protect allies from attacks.




Unicorn Overlord Classes - 20


Warriors from the bestral wolf tribe. True hunters, they possess several skills that excel at targeting weakened enemies. They also have skills that enhance their abilities at night.




Unicorn Overlord Classes - 21


Angel archers excelling in agility. They possess numerous skills that hinder enemies, allowing them to make the first move in battle. They also have a high evasion rate, but are weak to arrows and truestrikes.


Class Affinities


During battles, consider the affinities of each class, including their strengths and weaknesses.


A Closer Look at Class Affinities: Flying v. Archer: Archers are Effective Against Flying Enemies


Flying classes like Gryphon Knight and Feathersword have a trait that halves the hit rate of groundbased melee attacks, making them more evasive than other classes. However, they are weak against Archer classes like Hunter, taking double damage from their attacks.


・Gryphon Knight


Unicorn Overlord Classes - 22


A flying class that boasts excellent Evasion and Magick Defense. Effective against cavalry-based foes and can bypass the enemy’s front row to attack the back row directly, but is extremely weak to arrows.




Unicorn Overlord Classes - 23


A flying swordfighter class known for its agile movements. Battles with grace while boosting its own abilities. Has a high chance of dodging melee attacks from ground-based enemies and can attack the enemy’s back row directly, but is also extremely weak to arrows.




Unicorn Overlord Classes - 24


A bow-wielding class boasting high Accuracy. Possesses anti-flying skills, making it effective against foes such as Gryphon Knights. Also capable of truestrikes, allowing them to accurately target enemies with high Evasion.


Unit Leaders


Every unit has a character set as its leader. The leader’s class determines the unit’s movement type and leader effect.


・Leader Effects


These effects will be applied based on the unit’s leader. Units with a Housecarl leader, for example, will be able to destroy barricades and other obstacles more quickly. There are a variety of leader effects, so keep these in mind when adjusting a unit’s formation.


Unicorn Overlord Classes - 25


・Movement Types and Terrain


There are three movement types: Infantry, the most common movement type, Cavalry, which boasts high Mobility, and Flying, which can traverse difficult terrain. A unit’s movement type determines the effect terrain will have on it. Infantry and Cavalry units move quicker on roads, for example, while Cavalry units have decreased Mobility when riding through forests. Factoring in the leader’s movement type when adjusting the unit’s formation is a crucial component in Unicorn Overlord.


Unicorn Overlord Classes - 26




In order to effectively stand against Galerius and the Zenoiran Empire, it will prove imperative to develop and strengthen your units. Accomplish this by promoting characters to advanced classes, challenging auxiliary stages, and more.


Class Promotion


You can spend honors to promote a character to the advanced version of their base class. Doing so will boost their stats and allow them to learn new skills.


A Glimpse at Alain’s Promotions:




Unicorn Overlord Classes - 27


As a Lord, Alain’s leadership and proficiency with the sword make him a formidable combatant and staunch defender, meaning he can fight equally well in either row. He gains the ability to heal as he attacks and does not possess any significant weaknesses but is not very effective in battle against cavalry.


・High Lord


Unicorn Overlord Classes - 28


After being promoted to a High Lord, Alain brings powerful attacks to bear from atop his regal steed and can boost his allies’ Initiative to bring battles to a swift end. As a cavalry class, he is now effective against infantry.


Auxiliary Stages:


Challenge auxiliary stages in Sigils of the Ancients to battle the phantom soldiers lingering within. You can do this as many times as you like, earning EXP along the way.


Unicorn Overlord Classes - 29


Training Items:


Military Treatises gathered from auxiliary stages and the like can be used to gain EXP directly. There are various other items as well, including ones that allow you to power up specific abilities, so use these wisely when developing your characters.


Unicorn Overlord Classes - 30


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