New Song “Eureka” Set for Digital Release on April 2!





The next-generation music project Rokudenashi, consisting of TikTok singing sensation Ninzin and a variety of up-and-coming Vocaloid producers, has been selected to perform the ending theme song for the TV anime Train to the End of the World, which will air from April 1 in Japan.


3rd anime promotional video



Train to the End of the World is the latest original animation by director Tsutomu Mizushima, who is known for his work on popular titles such as Shirobako and Girls und Panzer. Handling the series composition is Michiko Yokote, who has collaborated with Mizushima on various works including Shirobako and Prison School. Mizushima and Yokote, known for tackling unconventional themes in their previous works, are now taking on the challenge of “apocalyptic world × train × friendship” for this project. This unique combination promises an anime unlike anything seen before, generating high expectations from fans.


The new song, “Eureka,” which marks the first anime tie-up for Rokudenashi, was composed by Vocaloid producer Tota Kasamura. It will be released on digital services on April 2, immediately after the broadcast of the first episode of the anime. You can hear a portion of the song in the latest promotional video for the anime, which was released today. Please give it a listen!



For “Eureka,” the ending theme song of Train to the End of the World, I collaborated with  Vocaloid Producer Tota Kasamura. It is our first anime tie-up as Rokudenashi, and as someone who watches anime myself, I feel honored to be entrusted with this task. When singing, I imagined how the song would flow as the ending of the anime. Particularly in the chorus, there are many parts where I had to project my voice, so I could sing freely. We hope this song resonates with everyone’s hearts. (Ninzin, Rokudenashi)




Release Information

Digital Single Eureka
Release Date: 2 April 2024

Pre-add, pre-save




Rokudenashi Profile

A next-generation music project launched in June 2021 by vocalist Ninzin and up-and-coming Vocaloid producers. Rokudenashi has previously released songs in collaboration with 40mP, Hifumi, MIMI, Nayutalien, and others.








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