CD Jacket and Tracklist Details Revealed (With Comments)


As the April 1 initial broadcast of the original TV anime Train to the End of the World draws ever closer, it’s been revealed that Rei Nakashima, singer of the anime’s opening theme song “GA-TAN GO-TON”, will be releasing the single on May 29.


Train to the End of the World: 2nd Promotional Video



Rei Nakashima “GA-TAN GO-TON” Music Video (Short ver.)




Rei Nakashima “GA-TAN GO-TON” Exclusive Website




Train to the End of the World is the latest original animation by director Tsutomu Mizushima, who is known for his work on popular titles such as Shirobako and Girls und Panzer. Due to it being an original animation with no prior source material, it’s generating excitement and high expectations from fans who can’t wait to see how this unknown journey with a unique cross between “apocalyptic world × train × friendship” unfolds.


Rei Nakashima has already released a short version of her music video for the opening theme song “GA-TAN GO-TON” on YouTube. The song allows her soft, clear and pure voice to shine alongside a melody that copiously incorporates gimmicks. You’ll involuntarily start swaying back and forth as you listen to it and Nakashima’s dancing, which includes cute choreography as if she’s hanging onto the straps found in trains, makes it a must-see video. The CD release of the title track will also include two other songs. “Karappo no Tsuki” brings out a whole new side of Nakashima. The depth and maturity of her voice in the song is like nothing we’ve heard before and it will instantly capture your heart. Then there’s “Egao no Hana,” which she lyricized herself. In contrast to “Karappo no Tsuki,” this is a warm samba tune that will naturally bring a smile to your face. She sings about how she was nothing more than a bud, but over time she slowly bloomed into a flower. Near the end of the song, the composition shifts into a big chorus section giving it a dramatic feel.


The limited edition includes a Blu-ray with the full version of Nakashima’s “GA-TAN GO-TON” music video. Staying true to the name of the song, which translates to “Clickety-Clack,” it features Nakashima surrounded by various trains as she tries her hand at a new dance. This music video with its striking location and somewhat mysterious world view is a must-see. In addition to that, you also get a behind the scenes making of the music video and exclusive footage from her birthday event this past November. At the birthday event, Nakashima, a complete beginner when it comes to cooking, took on the challenge of making curry in a segment called “Can Rei Nakashima cook properly?” With this deluxe Blu-ray edition, you can enjoy the various sides of Rei Nakashima—all the way from what she does behind the scenes to her in the kitchen!


The newly released CD jacket is the same as the artist photo released earlier, and features Nakashima as a pop-up playing train on a railroad made by a giant roller stamp, surrounded by colorful balls. This single will take you on a journey of discovery as you experience the different sides of Rei Nakashima. We hope you will pick up a copy.



Comments from Rei Nakashima


Hello! I’m Rei Nakashima. I’m happy to announce the release of my second single “GA-TAN GO-TON!” This song is the opening theme song of the original TV anime Train to the End of the World, which will begin airing from April! We tend to stop paying attention to things that are always right in front of us and take them for granted. This song helps us realize that this shouldn’t be the case and that they are important things in our lives. Singing this catchy and exciting song, I sway on the train as it takes me to where I want to go. I hope you will join me on this continuing unknown journey!


Rei-Nakashima-to-Perform-OP-Theme-of-Train-to-the-End-of-the-World-Artist Photo

Rei Nakashima Profile

Birthdate: November 27, 2004

Blood type: AB

Hometown: Seto City, Aichi Prefecture

Height: 147 cm (4’10”)

Hobbies/Skills: Drawing, contemporary indigenous Australian art, guitar, watching anime

Favorite food: White rice, Japanese sweets


Rei Nakashima’s interest in anime and songs was initially sparked by Cardcaptor Sakura, a show she watched when she was young. In 2022, FlyingDog hosted auditions titled “Inucon!” where she entered in the voice actor/singer/singer-songwriter category, and ended up winning the Grand Prix. She then made her major debut in July of the following year with her first single, “Surprise.” Rei Nakashima is a 19-year-old with a pure, fluffy marshmallow-like voice and charms others with her innocence, simplicity, and genuine personality. She hopes to be an artist who can convey her love to many people’s hearts through her voice and music and become a part of someone’s happiness.



Product Information

Release date: May 29, 2024

Title: Original TV Animation Train to the End of the World Opening Theme Song “GA-TAN GO-TON”

Artist: Rei Nakashima


Limited edition VTZL-240 (CD+Blu-ray): ¥2,970 (tax included)

Standard edition VTCL-35374 (CD): ¥1,540 (tax included)


<CD tracklist> for limited & standard editions


Karappo no Tsuki

Egao no Hana



<Blu-ray contents> for limited edition only

Music Video “GA-TAN GO-TON”

Making of the Music Video

“Can Rei Nakashima cook properly?” Curry Edition


Distribution Information

Title song “GA-TAN GO-TON” will be available on streaming services and major download sites such as the iTunes Store, RecoChoku, and mora from April 2 (other songs available from May 29).

Streaming services: Apple Music, Spotify, YouTube Music, LINE MUSIC, Amazon Music, Deezer, AWA, Rakuten Music, KKBOX, TOWER RECORDS MUSIC



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