Final Fantasy VII Remake 1/4 Tifa Lockheart Figurine

EA Studio is releasing a Final Fantasy VII Remake status of Tifa Lockheart, on a 1/4 scale featuring Cloud Strife’s sword strategically placed and positioned, you will be able to admire and view the statue and model.

Final Fantasy VII Remake 1/4 Tifa Lockheart Figuring

The scale model shows amazing fidelity to the game’s colors and style. Simply looking at it makes you think the game’s characters have popped up from your screen.

Final Fantasy VII Remake 1/4 Tifa Lockheart Figurine

May be an anime-style image of 1 person and toy

The scale model comes in different versions:

  • Standard
  • Advanced with Exchangeable Nude Body
  • Advanced with Exchangeable Battle Suit Nude Body
  • Advanced with TWO Exchangeable Body

The last version I am assuming that will include both Nude Body and Battle Suite Nude body.


At the moment you can pre-order yours from US$512 to US$544.99. Price may vary and fluctuate depending on what version you get, add-ons, additional fees, etc. Be sure to check and compute your resources properly before deciding to take an order.

So far I have seen the statue be up for sale on the following platforms:

FAVORGK: US$544.99
SUGO TOYS: US$576.28

NOTE: Prices indicated above only reflect what is shown on the store page. Sakura Index does not represent nor guarantee the merchant’s pricing nor do we guarantee price discounts. This is only for informational purposes only and should not constitute a sales pitch, recommendation, nor consultation.

What about you? Are you planning to buy this figurine? Where do you plan to display it? Tell us in the comments!



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