My laptop died an honorable death a few weeks back, and I had to reformat and reinstall most of my apps. And yes, this included the trusty video player from the old Combined Community Codec Pack (CCCP, not to be confused with the state with the same name). When rushing to the website (, I found it down to my surprise. Grasping at straws at why it went down, or how am I going to find the player and codecs for my video files, I stumbled upon the installer and blog post from the development blog of MP-HC (which is the Media Player that is packaged along with CCCP), which reads:

v1.7.13 is released and farewell

v1.7.13, the latest, and probably the last release of our project…
For quite a few months now, or even years, the number of active developers has been decreasing and has inevitably reached zero. This, unfortunately, means that the project is officially dead and this release would be the last one.
Unless some people step up that is.
So, if someone’s willing to really contribute and has C/C++ experience, let me know on IRC or via e-mail.
Otherwise, all things come to an end and life goes on. It’s been a nice journey and I’m personally pretty overwhelmed having to write this post.
Thanks to everyone who has contributed in any way all these years; Remember, MPC-HC is an 11-year old project.

Don’t forget, that our official builds, both the stable and the beta builds, are digitally signed. Be aware of scams and only get the files from our site!
Also, to report bugs, suggestions and generally provide feedback, use our Trac; reporting anything on social media or in any other place is just pointless, as the developers only follow Trac.
You can download the new version here. For the complete changes see the changelog.

MP-HC Blog, 16 July 2017

It comes at a time where many anime services are streaming online, and even more so, the problems of packaging video files into a usable and compressed package for fast downloads are slowly becoming a non-issue (with internet speeds increasing on average, imho). Add to that where some codecs and video processing is becoming increasingly embedded in our devices, which possibly had interest for repacking and reinstalling these codecs waned over time… which probably started a domino effect across the teams? I may be wrong about this but, what do you think?

Anyway, luckily, I found an old archive of the installer– although it is a version from June 2014. If you’re interested, I have the download hosted here.

[ddownload id=”9732″]
CRC-32: 4B0F767C
MD5: AB22614C90D1935C3A9CC820F2B6CE3D
SHA-1: AC7A78E6ABCBB42C9A7BE51E691C0AE805EB227E

If you have a updated version of this file, let me know. I would be glad to host the updated version on this site!

Hope this helps!



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