Pui Pui! (ぷいぷい!) Main Heroine: Sierra. The Ojou in a Maid.Pui Pui! (ぷいぷい!) Main Heroine: Sierra. The Ojou in a Maid.

Pui Pui! (ぷいぷい!) Main Heroine: Sierra. The Ojou in a Maid.Pui Pui! (ぷいぷい!) Main Heroine: Sierra. The Ojou in a Maid.

Quick Data:

Title: Pui Pui! (ぷいぷい!)
Author: Natsu Midori (夏緑)
Illustration: Namori (なもり)
Publisher: Media Factory (メディアファクトリー)
Serialized in: MF Bunko J (MF文庫J) Magazine
Runtime: May 2006 to February 2010
Status in Japan: Completed – 14 Volumes

Language Translation: English (1)
Status (Translation): Volume 1 Completed
Translator: Superduperelectromagnetictops

Being a person who commutes regularly to and from work I find myself with spare 30-45 minutes during transit, and somehow I find myself either taking a nap or reading stuff. This is where Light Novels come in– and Baka-Tsuki has given me good titles to read.

This series has been translated for some time now since it started, and finally has completed Volume 1. You will find the story quite interesting, with a bit of supernatural stuff on the side:

Araki Jin, a first year high school student living in the dormitory, received a mysterious lamp that, having rubbed, made his high school idol Zadou Sierra to magically appear dressed in a maid outfit! It seems that Sierra is a descendent of the genie of the lamp, a novice one though, and to become a full-fledged genie that can grant any wish, she needs to level up -and that is by being praised by her master. But can this proud lady who lived like a princess until now tolerate becoming a magical maid? Can archaeology nut Araki stand this irritating but clueless genie? A Magical Adventure Begins! –Baka-Tsuki

Of course, being a tsundere lover as I am, I instantly got hooked with the idea of the Ojou-sama needing to work as a Maid. Oohohoh. I can feel the tension between the two now.

The protagonist is your archaeology-loving geek, who has a poor sense of social skills; which apparently caught the  attention of our Ojou. Add that to the idea of her serving the guy as a maid, well, things get messy.

As a completed series, I am getting pretty excited into finishing this. Since I’m still not yet that proficient in reading Japanese yet, I might as well hold my breath in anticipating the next translated volume.

Novel Files:

Read Online: Volume 1 Full Text
Download PDF: Volume 1 PDF created byoninn