Puyo Puyo Puzzle Pop

“Puyo Puyo Puzzle Pop” Coming to Apple Arcade on April 4th, 2024


March 28, 2024 – SEGA has unveiled an announcement trailer for Puyo Puyo Puzzle Pop, which launches on Apple Arcade on April 4, 2024, and details about its game modes.

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To watch the official Puyo Puyo Puzzle Pop Announcement Trailer click on the video below:





Puyo Puyo Puzzle Pop offers seven modes for you to choose from: the classic rules from Puyo Puyo 2 and Puyo Puyo Fever are back, alongside Mission Puyo, Blocks, Big Bang, Mega Puyo, and Mini Puyo Excavation.


• Puyo Puyo 2


Pop Puyos and send Garbage Puyos to your opponent. Once their Puyos touch the X, it’s checkmate!


Puyo Puyo Puzzle Pop


• Puyo Puyo Fever


Neutralize Garbage Puyos and max out your Fever gauge! Once you’re in Fever mode, search for the trigger point to set off a massive chain and deal a devastating attack to your opponent!


Puyo Puyo Puzzle Pop


• Mission Puyo


Quickly solve each problem before your opponent and seize victory by winning the most rounds!


Puyo Puyo Puzzle Pop


• Blocks


Battle against each other while adapting to challenging boards where blocks restrict your moves!


Puyo Puyo Puzzle Pop


• Big Bang


Build up Garbage Puyos and overwhelm your opponent in an adrenaline-pumping showdown!


Puyo Puyo Puzzle Pop


• Mega Puyo


Supersized Puyos will fill up your board—connect 3 or more of the same color to pop them!


Puyo Puyo Puzzle Pop


• Mini Puyo Excavation


Work your way down a board filled with Mini Puyos and pop the Puyos covering the star to bury your opponent under a mountain of Garbage Puyos!


Puyo Puyo Puzzle Pop




In Adventure Mode*, meet familiar and new Puyo Puyo characters who appear in stylized 3D graphics. Follow their adventures through fully voiced cutscenes**!


Puyo Puyo Puzzle Pop


• Story


Amitie wakes up from a mysterious voice calling out to her in a dream. Brushing it aside, she goes on her usual stroll and runs into Arle and Carbuncle, who she challenges to a friendly Puyo battle. Little did they expect to come across Ringo, who was supposed to be in another world. Amongst the confusion, a girl named Meena appears, claiming that they’ve entered the Dream World and that she serves as the gateway to this bizarre realm.

Lemres the comet warlock, a friend from a neighboring school, reveals that Meena has lost control of her powers after tapping into the magic of a powerful entity. Now it seems everyone is trapped in the Dream World! Battle your way out and uncover the mastermind behind Meena’s predicament!

**Only available to certain characters. At launch, only part of the game’s story will be released. The rest of the story will be made available in future updates.




Pop Puyos to your heart’s content in this one-player mode and aim for a high score!





Enjoy Puyo battles – anytime and anywhere! You can even connect your controller to play!

Play against the computer and take on one opponent after the next with your own customized settings.


Puyo Puyo Puzzle Pop




Through Game Center, you can play against up to 3 other players online.

Take on family, friends, and the world in online Puyo battles!





Brush up on Puyo Puyo’s fundamentals and pick up advanced Puyo techniques in this tutorial mode!





Create original cutscenes, starring your favorite Puyo Puyo characters!





Design your own profile card by choosing a nickname and your favorite character!

*Localized English Version will be sold as the final product. Japanese screenshots are for reference only.




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