Archax, a piloted robot made by Tsubame Industries Co., LTD, is currently being auctioned online by SBX Cars. The look and feel of the robot reminds me of a transformer. I dare say it is more than meets the eye 😉


From the press release below, the auction runs from July 4th to July 19th. A very interesting thing to  look out for on who may be the winning bid for this very amazing looking robot.


(*The following text below is from Tsubame Industries Co., Ltd.)

■About our robot


Powered by an EV battery, the robot is operated by a pilot who rides inside using two levers, two pedals, and a touch panel. The robot can move its 26 joints freely and can run at 10 km/h. When standing up with its front legs vertical, the robot can reach a height of 4.5 meters.


[Photo Source] “SBX Cars,” a global auction site



■Auction Outline


Date: Thursday, July 04, 2024 16:05 – Friday, July 19, 2024 01:00 (GMT)


Archax’s Auction Site

Video by Supercar Blondie on ARCAX  (Souce: Supercar Blondie’s Instagram)



■ Limited edition of 5 units and delivered in 2025


ARCHAX is packed with elements of Japan’s world-class “Automobile”, “Robotics”, “Animation”, “Game”, “Heavy Machinery”, and “Contemporary Art”.


It was created to provide the world with the dream experience of getting into and controlling a robot, just like in science fiction.


ARCHAX aims to create a new market for piloted robots, with the luxury market, including ultra-luxury cars and private jets, as the benchmark for our products. The main customers are expected to be wealthy people, and we have begun taking orders and selling the product worldwide. Only five units will be produced and delivered in approximately one year from the time of order.


Learn more about “Archax”




[Company Profile]

Tsubame Industries Co., Ltd.

CEO: Ryo Yoshida  CTO: Akinori Ishii

CONTACT: Yuka Matsushima






[image]Archax_Vehicle mode


[image]Archax_Robot mode



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