Gear Fighter Dendoh Albums to be Streamed for 20th Anniversary

Written by Crosse

1 February 2021

Gear Fighter Dendoh‘s production company has commemorated the anime’s 20th anniversary with anime’s soundtrack release for streaming as of December 2, 2020.

As part of this celebration, the episodes of Gear Fighter Dendoh have also been released, with one episode daily since October 15, 2020.

About the Album

The hit opening theme “W-Infinity” by Hitomi Mieno and Hironobu Kageyama, the character and insert songs by leading voice actress Naomi Shindo and others, and the profound background music by Toshihiko Sahashi—these albums have it all!

The albums will be available on streaming services and major download sites such as the iTunes Store, RecoChoku, and mora.

Album Tracklist

Gear Fighter Dendoh Best Drive – Song Collection

  1. W-Infinity
  2. Tenkuu no Yokan
  3. Over the Rainbow
  6. Brand New Mermaid
  7. νανουρισμα

Gear Fighter Dendoh Original Soundtrack Vol. 1

  1. Hajimari no Hi
  2. W-Infinity (Vocal TV Size)
  3. Tenkuu no Yokan
  4. Kaze wo Kire
  5. Toshi no Konran
  6. Seijuu no Kodou
  7. Kodoku na Ketsudan
  8. Senritsu no Taiwa
  9. Rasenjou no Shinkou
  10. Kiki to no Koou
  11. Konwaku no Kidou
  12. Inbou no Kage
  13. Kamen no Kishi
  14. Kyuuten Chokka
  15. Shinainaru Yakusoku
  16. Tatakae! Dendoh
  17. Chikyuu Bouei Himitsu Kikan
  18. Sennyuu
  19. Ayashi no Sankanbu
  20. Bukigen na Hokuto to Ginga
  21. Yuujou no Theme
  22. Denshi no Zanzoku
  23. Kishi Ogre
  24. Data Weapon
  25. Futari no Kyori
  26. Nichijou no Theme
  27. GEAR Senshi
  28. Koubou, Chikara no Kagiri
  29. Dendoh Shutsudou
  30. Vega – Ai no Theme

Gear Fighter Dendoh Original Soundtrack Vol. 2

  1. Mezame no Shunkan
  2. Kiseki no Yuugou
  3. Funsai no Chikai
  4. Dendoh Kakkuu
  5. Kiba no Kodou
  6. Higeki no Kizuna
  7. Ankoku no Gekitotsu
  8. Tenkuu no Kodoku
  9. Data Weapon no Sanpo
  10. Hikari no Henkei
  11. Seijaku no Kuukan
  12. Meikyuu
  13. Honbu Fujou

Check out Gear Fighter Dendoh’s original soundtrack for streaming online!



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