Nao Toyama on May 13, 2021 released her mini concept album “Off”. To commemorate the release of this album, she announced that she will be streaming a free online concert “Ouchi de Naobou! Minna de Off-Kai” on her official YouTube channel. The concert will go live June 13, 2021, Sunday on 19:00 (JST).

This will be Nao Toyama’s first live performance as a solo artist since her 10th anniversary concert in December 2020. Don’t miss this online-only event by subscribe to her channel and setting a reminder. You can also tweet your impressions on concert day with the hashtag #おうちでなおぼう.

Since her debut, Nao Toyama has played the heroine in numerous popular anime, like as Karen Kujo in Kin-iro Mosaic, Chitoge Kirisaki in Nisekoi and Kanon Nakagawa in the The World God Only Knows. Last year, in 2020, she celebrated her 10th anniversary as a voice actress and released a character song best album titled “Special Thanks,” which placed 3rd on the Oricon Weekly Ranking.

In December, the Special Thanks! Festival was held as a one-time event at the Tokyo Garden Theater. Now, in 2021, Nao has released her new mini concept album “Off” on the theme of “rest and healing.”

Album Track List

Off has 6 tracks that you can enjoy. Check them out below!

 1. Off

Lyrics/Composition/Arrangement: Koshi Miura
Theme: Soothing daily sounds

2. Prologue

Lyrics/Composition/Arrangement: Zenko Mitsuya
Theme: Falling in love

3. Guu

Lyrics/Composition/Arrangement: Kairiki Bear
Theme: Blowing off stress

4. Shampoo Rinse

Lyrics/Composition: Satomi Kawasaki
Arrangement: Kazunori Watanabe
Theme: Relaxing in the bath

5. Rhythm Loop

Lyrics: Coyomi
Composition/Arrangement: Nobumasa Tanaka
Theme: Overcome with sentiment

6. Ashita Aetara

Lyrics/Composition: Nao Toyama
Arrangement: Kento Ohgiya
Theme: Getting in bed and switching off

Don’t miss this online live concert at Nao Toyama’s official YouTube channel, streaming on June 13, 2021!



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