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The long awaited GSC Figma of the Casual Version Mordred is here for review!

GSC Figma Mordred - Box Full

This Figma was initially available for pre-order on the GoodSmile Company site last February to March 2020 and estimated to arrive October that year. Despite some delays in shipping, it was worth the wait to finally get my hands on this new collectible.

The Figma is modelled after the casual outfit that the Saber of Red, Mordred obtains in the Fate/Apocrypha anime. The packaging itself is rather minimal, with only one plastic clamshell enclosure because there’s not much accessories here.

GSC Figma Mordred - Box Plastic

Despite the minimal attachments, there’s a wide range of poses to do and some interesting features that this Figma has under the hood.

Out of the Box

GSC Figma Mordred - Box Contents

The package contains:

  • Mordred Figma
  • Clarent sword
  • Alternate jacketless body
  • 3 faceplates
  • 10 interchangeable hands
  • Extra hand joint
  • Figma base with extra adapter
  • Figma bag
  • Manual

First Impressions

GSC Figma Mordred - Body Front and Back

I was pleased to see that there were several points of articulation. The figure was solid enough that no parts fell out while posing. This was a welcome change compared to what happened with the Casual Ver. Jeanne d’Arc Figma review before.

The gripping hands and joints were also strong enough to hold her sword at the desired poses, which also was a good point in my book. The only complaint was that one end of the wrist joints was shorter, which made it a bit difficult to swap hands at times because the joint itself would be pulled out along with the hand.

GSC Figma Mordred - Height Comparison

The Figma clocks in at 5.3 inches, putting it almost the same height as the Saber 2.0 and Casual Ver. Jeanne d’Arc. The best part? It’s fully capable of standing without the supporting base.

Figma Details

GSC Figma Mordred - Front and Back

The Figma recreates Mordred’s casual outfit with impressive detail. The jacket has the same red-brown shade in the anime, the cropped halter top has the bra-straps showing, and the denim shorts are perfectly rendered in figure form.

GSC Figma Mordred - Extending Joints

Much like the Summer Version Jeanne d’Arc Figma, this one also features extending shoulder and hip joints. Pulling the arms down and the torso upward can extend the figure to allow for more dynamic poses like an arched back, ab crunches or swayed hips.

The thighs have their own rotating joint as well, which allows you to rotate the legs in a 360-degree motion.

It’s pleasing to note that the Figma’s upper torso joint is longer and sturdier this time around.

GSC Figma Mordred - Body Options

This torso joint peg is also positioned higher on the main body compared to the Casual Jeanne d’Arc one, where the connector was shorter and was on the alternate body instead. This meant that the Mordred’s Figma’s upper torso had no chance of falling off or getting detached when posing.

GSC Figma Mordred - Faceplate Options

Mordred’s signature expressions are also recreated in detail in these faceplates. The first is her default smug face, the second is her confused look, and last is her grinning smile.

GSC Figma Mordred - Head Details

The faceplate connectors on the other hand, are a lot thicker than most of the Figmas I’ve had so far. There might not be more options for adding other faceplates or hair frontpieces for this one, unless your own Figma has similar ports.

GSC Figma Mordred - Clarent Sword Details

One nifty detail to mention is that the pommel of the Clarent sword can detach. This makes it easier to slip the sword into the gripping hands, because you can just slip in the bottom part once you have the desired pose.



GSC Figma Mordred - Head Articulation - Side

The head has a lot of mobility here. There’s side-to-side bending thanks to the hinged ball-and-socket joints that the Figma primarily uses. She can also perform a 360-degree head turn, as well as downward and upward looking motions.

GSC Figma Mordred - Head Articulation - Up

Her ponytail can also be moved upwards or downwards to your liking. This would probably come in handy especially when posing her with dynamic fighting stances.


GSC Figma Mordred - Figma Arms Articulation

Thanks to a minimalist outfit, the Mordred Figma has near unrestricted arm motions. The joints are able to rotate upward and reach above her head, while the elbow joints have a decent 45-degree range bend. Wrists can also fold forward and back, along with a full 360-degree rotation.


GSC Figma Mordred - Legs Articulation

The legs have the same wide range of motion expected in most Figma models, like the near perfect split, wide forward-backward swings, and a decent 45-degree bending in the knee joints.

One interesting thing to note here is that the toe section in the boots can also bend. It’s a feature that was also found in the Saber 2.0 Figma and a welcome addition here.

Parts Compatibility

GSC Figma Mordred - Compatible Parts

While the faceplate connectors might limit your options for extra expressions, the gripping hands allow the Mordred Figma to hold a variety of accessories, among them would be the Excalibur and Caliburn swords from the Saber 2.0 Figma.

Some Cons

GSC Figma Mordred - Paint Bleed

There is some minor paint bleed on this Figma, especially in the lower abdomen and one side of the sword. This is something you might not notice until you extend the hip joint, or look at the other side of the blade though. Still, it’s quite the bummer to have this flaw when everything else looks spot-on.

The Verdict

GSC Figma Mordred

Customized HG Sword Strike Gundam not included.

Despite the paint bleed issues, the Figma shines best with its articulation and solid construction. The minimal number of accessories might be underwhelming, but for first-time Figma buyers, it would mean less parts to manage and maintain. I only wish that there were more than 2 extra faceplates, but either way, the kit scores a decent 8.5 out of 10 on my book.

If you liked this review of the GSC Figma of the Casual Version Mordred, stay tuned for more upcoming collectible articles!



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