McFarlane Toys Geralt of Rivia close up

The famed White Wolf finally gets an action figure treatment! In this review, we’ll have a look at McFarlane Toys’ take on Geralt of Rivia from CD Projekt Red’s Witcher video game series, based on Andrzej Sapkowski’s works.

About the Figure

McFarlane Toys Geralt of Rivia Action shot 1

Surprisingly superb crafting of Geralt by McFarlane Toys

Geralt’s action figure form stands at 7 inches (1:10 scale). It’s part of Wave 1 of The Witcher Gaming 7″ series by McFarlane toys released early in 2021.

It was also released along side the Elven King of the Wild Hunt Eredin Bréacc Glas and a bigger 12-inch (1:6 scale) figure Geralt. A Wallmart exclusive from the Gold Label Collection line of Geralt was released as well, with him in different colors. A 2nd wave has been leaked to be released around Q2 or Q3 2021 with 2 more versions of Geralt and a Ciri action figure.

The Packaging

McFarlane Toys The Witcher III Wave 1 – Geralt of Rivia Box

It’s as McFarlane as it gets!

The action figure comes in your usual box with your transparent front and minimalist packaging with Witcher III and McFarlane logos. In the back is a preview of Geralt in a simple pose. Right off the bat, you immediately see the figure with his accessories. This version is the starting Kaer Morhen set seen in-game – a leather armor with chainmail pauldrons in brown, black, and dark shades of blue.

Contents and Accessories

The McFarlane Toys 7-inch scale Geralt of Rivia comes with the following accessories:

  • A silver coated sword, a Witcher’s signature weapon in killing monsters and supernatural creatures
  • A steel sword, for when a Witcher faces human and non-human enemies
  • 2 joined scabbards attached to his back
  • A monster head, which Witchers usually take from monsters they slay as trophies and proof of kill for contracts. (This one seems to be a werewolf’s head)
  • A small black display base with the game’s logo (not pictured)
McFarlane Toys The Witcher III Wave 1 – Geralt of Rivia Content and Accessories

No clamshell for this figure


Out of the box and Details

McFarlane Toys The Witcher III Wave 1 – Geralt of Rivia Profile

Fantastic sculpting by McFarlane Toys

The Figure stands at 7 inches, which is about right for his in-game height (5ft., 10 inches/177cm). He has a detailed body and head sculpt, which extends to the chainmail parts of his armor. The leather straps and belts have small lumps to represent stitching. Most of the buckles, buttons, and rivets are painted nicely, with some parts left out but easy overlooked. His clothes are textured to simulate the material his armor is made of.

His gloves have metal studs on the knuckles, giving it a nice detail. The boots are also well-sculpted, with the texture on the plastic making it look like a worn leather piece. Slight weathering was made on the front shin area too.

McFarlane Toys The Witcher III Wave 1 – Geralt of Rivia Head and Torso Close up

The details on him are just amazing!

His face is a rather accurate sculpt, almost like it was made with the same technology Hasbro does with their new action figures. His eyes, brows, lips and scars are all properly painted in. They are rather shiny which leads me to believe that they were made with some form of McFarlane’s own Photo Real technology.

There’s some nice details on his wolf amulet, with the pointed ends and general shape based on the in-game version. The chest armor is rubber, allowing it to bend and move with his body, but it weirdly bulges at some angles. The chainmail pauldrons have the same material, affording similar articulation. Sadly, the hook on his belt is also rubber and can’t anything when you hang things on it.

McFarlane Toys The Witcher III Wave 1 – Geralt of Rivia swords and scabbards

Disappointingly dull unfortunately

McFarlane Toys The Witcher III Wave 1 – Geralt of Rivia Scabbards, the other side

Did they run out of paint or just lazy to go around the back?

While Geralt is detailed right out of the box, the swords have a dull plastic gray color. If you’re a skilled painter, you could probably repaint the weapons and give it life.
The scabbard is painted on just 1 side and the rear in a dull plastic gray, which I decided to repaint and improve. Despite the dullness and missing colors, the likeness of the weapons are on point with their in-game look. They are also made of hard plastic, so you can expect them to be sturdy and not bend or deform.
McFarlane Toys The Witcher III Wave 1 – Geralt of Rivia head and display base

Remember that werewolf contract?

The display base that comes with Geralt is small with the game logo printed on it, although it is enough to help him stand in some dynamic poses. The monster head is well-built with its paint and details. It’s mostly made from rubber with the rope being notably softer and gives that natural looking “swing” when the head is hung.

Figure Articulation and “Poseability”

The head can move down, left and right but not up, as the hair prevents it from doing that. His shoulders appear to be in a butterfly joint since they can be moved forwards. The arms can really swing far up and the rubber pauldrons don’t hinder this motion as much.
McFarlane Toys The Witcher III Wave 1 – Geralt of Rivia arm and elbow articulation

Flex and grab!

A hinge in the upper arm allows for a 360-degree turn followed by double-jointed elbows. The wrists are on pegs connected from the hand to the arm, with those 2 pegs joined by a hinge. This lets you to move the wrist in almost any position, always a good thing to see in toys from the US. The best part is, he is able to reach for his swords.
McFarlane Toys The Witcher III Wave 1 – Geralt of Rivia torso articulation

There’s a snake in my bo–wait no it’s blood

There are joints in his torso that allow Geralt to move side to side and even in a bowed position, noting again the rubber torso armor looking weird. He can only however bend as much due to the rubber body armor.
McFarlane Toys The Witcher III Wave 1 – Geralt of Rivia lower body articulation

He can almost kick his own butt!

Upper leg articulation isn’t as good as the arms. The thigh swivel is hidden within the waist and the upper leg, if not for the Geralt’s fantastic butt, the legs could twist at 360 degrees. His legs can do a clean 180-degree split which helps Geralt twist his thighs from the swivel and allow dynamic fighting stances.
His knees are double jointed, which is really great if you want him in kneeling poses or more dramatic poses that well involves his legs. The ankles are on the same set up as his wrists, peg from foot to his shins and connected by a hinge in between. The feet can be positioned enough to have him stand almost flat on the ground. The toe joint is a pretty awesome addition for those more dynamic poses or running poses.
McFarlane Toys The Witcher III Wave 1 – Geralt of Rivia articulation showcase

Want to recreate those missions where Geralt punched his way to being the fist fighting champion?

Geralt can pretty much stand on his own, even without the display base. His wide and muscular body probably adds weight to his feet to keep him stable, but that’s just a wild speculation so take it with a grain of salt.
McFarlane Toys The Witcher III Wave 1 – Geralt of Rivia comparison

Next to a 6-inch (1:12 scale) SH Figuarts action figure of Luke Skywalker, Geralt is looking mighty beefy and huge.

What You Need To Know

Now we get to the part where I list down the things I love and hate about the figure. With every pro, there are cons.


  • Amazingly detailed action figure
  • Currently the only action figure of Geralt of Rivia (Until wave 2 comes out, but they’re still made by McFarlane Toys)
  • Articulation and posing possibilities for days on end
  • Rather cheap for it’s scale, high details, and articulation
  • Stable and can stand on his own if you pose him right
  • New face painting and sculpting technology applied
  • It’s true to the in-game Geralt of Rivia appearance (a welcome thing for the video game fans)


  • Swords and scabbards aren’t painted properly and are in a dull plastic gray color
  • Some paint bleed on some areas, with some small details not even painted at all
  • Rubber torso prevents a full bend and will look weird and warped at some poses, the rubber hook is just for show
  • Not enough accessories (that’s a con for most people who’s been collecting a lot of S.H.Figuarts or Figma and love to put up diorama shots, but if you’re not then it’s a pro)
  • His face seems puffy at some angles
  • Doesn’t look like the Henry Cavill Geralt (Usually a con for people who are fans of the books or have watched the Netflix series)

The Verdict

Definitely buy it if you’re looking for an action figure of Geralt of Rivia. I know some collectors out there would avoid McFarlane Toys due to some issues on details and articulation. I own some of their old HALO action figures with similar flaws, but they seem to have improved since then.

Apparently this action figure was enough to change my opinion of them quickly.

For an action figure made in the US, it’s really amazing. Let us take the Hasbro’s The Black Series as a comparison. Some of their figures are good, some bad, others are passable. They are mass produced action figures so the details or articulation are sacrificed.

On the other hand, we have the action figures from SH Figuarts and Figma. Expensive yet the sculpt, articulation, swappable parts, effect parts, and details make up for the expensive price tag.

McFarlane Toys’ Geralt Rivia is in between these manufacturers, with fantastic sculpt, amazing articulation, and a little bit of effect parts. However, it’s lacking in the small details only the keen eyed collectors will spot. The severed monster head that came along could have been the cooler griffon head from that early contract in the game, but that may show up in the next wave of Geralt’s action figures, who knows?

The cons I cited are usually minor things. I can always grab my paint brush and bring out my paint bottles and start retouching the figure and most of what I listed, I can overlook because he action figure is awesome out of the box.

Overall, McFarlane Toys Geralt of Rivia is a great buy. Far from perfect, but I am happy with it either way. There’s not enough action figures of him out there anyway, because right now this is the only one.

McFarlane Toys The Witcher III Wave 1 – Geralt of Rivia retouched and repainted

Yes, I did grab my paint brushes and cracked open my paint bottles and made Geralt look even better. The flame effect part for him doing the “igni spell” is from my GSC Nendoroid Roy Mustang

If you’re wondering where I grabbed my Geralt, it’s from Geek Freaks Philippines Toys and Collectibles. He’s currently priced at around PHP 1,500.00 (30.99 USD), a really good price for this action figure.

If you like this review of the McFarlane Toys Geralt of Rivia from the Witcher III, check out my upcoming article of how I repainted his swords!




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