alexander neri
My CV can be downloaded from here. [Updated 12-06-2012]

Aliases: Crosse, Alex Crosse, Syreine, Sirvia, Altair, Alkaid, Cyne, Takashi, Sai, Takagi, Akari, Katagiri

Real name: Alexander Neri

Writer, blogger, self-proclaimed Photoshop expert, frustrated developer and game designer. Alex has worked as a Supervisor – Community Game Master for IP E-Game Ventures, Inc. He also has owned and operated a web-blog service Seitoukai.NET, as well as a paid hosting service Cyber Connect Media.

Currently, Alex resides in Manila, Philippines working for Axis Global Interactive as a Product Development Officer which tasks are focused on game design, customer support operations and community development and management.

This site, A Certain Sakura Index and the emerging Sakura Index Network is a personal pet project that came off from his being a fan of Japanese Animation, Games and Culture.

His spoken languages are English and Filipino. He is currently studying Japanese (Elementary 3), and is planning to take the JLPT sometime around next year– and pass… hopefully. ^^;

My Clients in Sakura Index

I usually work with people who have an interest in games and in the Japanese Culture as a whole. I share with them my server and other resources, or even provide content when available.

For gaming, I work with both MMO Site and Reimarufiles in providing content (and in the case of Reimarufiles, server hardware) for their sites. Back2Gaming comes in mind when joining press conferences with regards to gaming and computer accessories.

Game Projects

Ar tonelico: An Ordinary life

One of the game projects that I had participated (as Crosse) in was with the fan community of Ar tonelico, A Reyvateil’s Melody. With a fanfic that Dexas made wizzardx, ther project leader, was able to produce an Ar tonelico doujin VN, Ar tonelico: An Ordinary Life. This kickstarted a few years back, and is in dire need of a revival (though I admit, I had a part of its slowdown, too… lol. sorry wizzie ^^;)

You can view more of the project here in the ARM wiki and in its development thread (you need to register to see this though)

Speaking Appointments

I have done a lot of stage presentations and speaking over at my stint in e-Games, though I didn’t keep track of them.


I’ve written a review article for Playground Magazine about the anime Final Fantasy Unlimited. I’m currently looking for my copy of the article so I can scan it and upload it later. ^^;

Contact and Social

You could contact me usually though email. I usually reply in at about two to three days. If it does not happen, it would probably has been buried deep in my mailbox. Just resend the mail by then. 😀

Alternatively, you could also find me in social networks and communities, so feel free to message / add or follow.

 – I used ‘Zala’ as my last name due to my previous work ^^;
Youtube – Usually Game Video Stuff are placed here
BioWare Social
Aeria Games – Not active in the forum, but active in-game.
MMO Site – Rarely contribute articles and stuff
A Reyvateil’s Melody
Pixiv  – I use this primarily to view and comment and favorite art on Pixiv
Deviant Art

Employment Highlights

October 2011 – Present (Makati City, Philippines) Quality Assurance Specialist / Customer Support Specialist Square Circle Triangle

Axis Global Interactive

June 2010 – October 2011(Ortigas, Philippines) Product Development Officer (previously Game Development Associate)

 Company Mission

To discover and foster innovation providing the users of best applications, satisfying their ever changing web demands.

Role tasks and core responsibilities:

Our projects are:


October 2007 – May 2010 (Makati, Philippines) Supervisor – Community Game Masters

Company Profile

IP E-Games is a publicly listed company in the Philippine Stock Exchange (PSE: EG) which operates the online gaming business unit of IPVG Corp. IP E-Games is ranked as the leading online games publisher in the Philippines and holds the top titles including RAN Online, Cabal Online, Audition Dance Battle, and Presidential Award recipient Korean game Granado Espada. Other games include Korean adventure games such as Dragonica and Nostale Online. The casual games of IP E-Games are published under X-Play Online Games Inc. (X-Play). IP E-Games strategic minority investors include the Philippine Star Group and E-Store Exchange (an affiliate of GMA7).

Role tasks and core responsibilities

My life as a Game Master for IP E-Games would revolve around a few core principles that we would do on a daily basis:

Games handled:

Level Up! Incorporated

February 2005 – October 2007 (Makati, Philippines) Senior Forum Moderator

Company Profile

Level Up! Philippines ( is the country’s first and biggest online game publisher which introduced the Massive Multiplayer Online Role Playing Game (MMORPG) genre to the Filipino psyche. With the success of our flagship title Ragnarok Online, we have become the premier force in online gaming entertainment in the Philippines.

Role tasks and responsibilities

My tasks in LU! as a forum moderator were basically to assist the Community Management team of pRO to moderate, and manage concerns that needed to be addressed, as well as to provide them a status update on the community on a weekly basis. I would say that this was the training ground for me for my foray into the MMO Publishing industry.